About Smart Ass Fitness

Miguel Carrasco - Star Diamond Beachbody Coach

Miguel Carrasco Team Founder

Miguel Carrasco came out of nowhere and dominated the Beachbody Canada launch by focusing on Social Media, Marketing, and Technology. Miguel was Canada's first Diamond Beachbody Coach, and become a 5 Star Diamond Beachbody Coach shortly after. Miguel Carrasco is now Canada's only 4x Elite Beachbody Coach, Executive Leader, Sucess Club All Star Legend, and a member of the Millions Club. Twitter / Facebook


Erin Carrasco Beachbody Coach

Erin Carrasco Diamond Beachbody Coach

Erin Carrasco is the magic behind the scenes for Smart Ass Fitness. Erin is a 6 Star Diamond Beachbody Coach and ensures everything is running smoothly with all of the Facebook Groups, Challengers, and financial responsibilities for Smart Ass Fitness. She And of course, she is a mom of three and keeps everything running. Twitter / Facebook

Our History

Smart Ass Fitness was founded to help change lives. As is well documented now, I was severely overweight and suffering from high blood pressure. Beachbody not only changed my life, it saved my life. After losing 45 pounds in 90 days with TurboFire, I wanted to start helping others do the same. After only 24 days, I reached Beachbody Diamond Status. After less than 90 days, I reached Star Diamond Status. Our team secret is simple. We find the best coaches, we train them in social media, digital marketing, and blogging, and unleash their passion of changing lives through fitness and nutrition. By blending incredible fitness coaches, with social media, our team has been able to grow faster than any other team in Canada. If you are ready to help change lives, including your own, Smart Ass Fitness is always looking for great coaches to join our team. To learn more about becoming a Beachbody Coach, simply head to Become a Beachbody Coach and learn exactly how you are about to start changing the lives of many through fitness and nutrition.