Miguel Carrasco National Wake-Up Call
On November 16th, 2015 I had the privilege of being featured on the Team Beachbody National Wake-Up Call! I spoke to people about Mindset, and the importance of getting your mind right, in order to achieve incredible success in all areas of your life. 9 Star Diamond Coach Miguel Carrasco hasn't always been the perfect...
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protein powder for weight loss
Shakeology is one of the main reasons I was able to lose 45 pounds in 90 days. It is the foundation to my new healthy lifestyle. I’ve been drinking Shakeology for over a year now daily. My two beautiful boys drink it as well and they call it “Shakeology Milkshake”. It is the healthiest, most...
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Focus T25 Challenge Group
Do you want to be part of the most engaging and interactive Focus T25 Support and Challenge Groups today?  Have you been looking for someone to keep you accountable, coach you, listen to you, work with you, and help you get results you deserve? I want to help you get incredible results with Focus T25.
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Become a Beachbody Coach in Chicago
Want to Become a Beachbody Coach in Chicago? Team Beachbody is one of the most rewarding health and fitness companies in North America, and now you can join the team that helps others get in the best shape of their lives.
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CIZE Workout Review
Hey there friends! I wrote this CIZE Workout Review just for you so you'd know all the details before you decide to get a copy, and also so you can join our Challenge Group and get support from real people, online, every single day!
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21 Day Fix Extreme
Autumn Calabrese has been hard at work on the hottest and most explosive workout you have done, 21 Day Fix Extreme. You can be the first to not only get a copy of 21 Day Fix Extreme, but also join the largest 21 Day Fix Extreme support group on Facebook! As an Elite Beachbody Coach,...
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Top Male Beachbody Coach
The last two years of my life have been completely transformed by Beachbody. I literally went from computer consultant, to fitness fanatic. 230 pounds, to 165 pounds. Programmer, to Insanity Certified Instructor. I did this not because I didn't love what I did, but because I needed to save my life. This year, I became...
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Beachbody Coach Calgary
Want to Become a Beachbody Coach in Calgary? Team Beachbody has finally arrived in Calgary! You can now join the company that started the home fitness revolution, Beachbody, and partner with Tony Horton, Shaun T, Chalene Johnson, and Autumn Calabrese.
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Music To Help You Burn Calories
Music doesn't just make you feel good, it actually helps you burn more calories! Now before you call me crazy, let me explain to why these carefully selected songs will help you get more out of your workouts! They key, lies in your target heart rate. It's true. Let's dive in.
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Insanity Max 30 Review
Want all the details surrounding Insanity Max 30? Who is it for? When can I get Insanity Max 30? What do I get? You've found the right place, as well as an Insanity Certified Instructor. If you are looking for a unique 30 minute workout that will leave you gasping for air every time, Insanity...
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