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CIZE – The End of Exercise

CIZE Workout Review

Hey there friends! I wrote this CIZE Workout Review just for you so you'd know all the details before you decide to get a copy, and also so you can join our Challenge Group and get support from real people, online, every single day!

What is CIZE?

CIZE is being called “The End of Exercise” by Shaun T for one simple reason, it is not exercising! It is all about dancing! Do you love to dance? Have you ever tried Zumba? Picture Zumba but with modern dance, hip hop, and incredible dance tunes.

What comes with CIZE?

With CIZE you get the total workout + dance lessons kit all in one convenient challenge pack direct from Beachbody!

  • Workouts are all 30-40 minutes
  • Each workout is a new dance lesson. By the end of the workout, you've learned a new routine!
  • Workout Calendar Included
  • Bonus CIZE workout DVD for ordering through this site

Here is a preview of CIZE so you can see it before it comes out, and decide if it's something you like!

Should I Buy CIZE? Is it for me?

Beachbody has so many different workout programs, that it can be hard to decide. So let me ask you a few questions:

  1. Do you like having fun when you workout?
  2. Do you like to dance?
  3. Have you ever wanted to learn to dance?
  4. Do you want fast total body results?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then CIZE is the workout for you.

How Do I Join Your CIZE Test Group? I Want Support!

When you order through this site, you will be added into our CIZE PRIVATE VIP SUPPORT GROUP! If you want to be the first to get CIZE, make sure you enter your name and email address below!


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