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21 Day Fix Pricing

21 Day Fix Pricing

21 Day Fix has now been released and the world is a buzz. Curious what the 21 Day Fix pricing is? Being a Beachbody Coach, I have access to the best 21 Day Fix pricing available, including some bonuses.

21 Day Fix Pricing

There are a few options for 21 Day Fix. The Essential Base Kit includes all the workouts I mentioned in the 21 Day Fix Review. The Ultimate Kit adds two additional workouts: Flat Abs Fix, and Barre Legs. Additionally you will get one pro grade 15 pound resistance band. All the kits include the 21 Day Fix Containers, but the Ultimate Kit also includes a large container that you can use when you are on-the-go. Ultimate also gives you an insulated tote bag you can use for your containers of food.

21 Day Fix Pricing Information
21 Day Fix Pricing Information
Kit DetailsRetailClub MembersCoach
Essential (Base) Kit**$59.85$53.87$44.89
Ultimate Kit$119.70$107.73$89.78
Ultimate DVD Kit$29.85$26.87$22.39
Plyo Fix Workout$19.95$17.96$14.96
Extra Set of Containers – 7pc$17.85$16.07$13.39

21 Day Fix Challenge Pack

Beachody always gives the best deals to people that buy the Beachbody Challenge Packs. Why? Because they want you to get results, and the best way to get results is to drink Shakeology every day while doing your workout and following the nutrition plan. The best part? 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack is going to be on sale for only $160. That's a crazy deal. You are basically getting the workout for free. You save on shipping, you get Shakeology, you get to be a part of our 21 Day Fix Challenge Group, and you save a ton of money.

You can order the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack Here for $160.

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