30 Day Breakaway Workout Review and Ultimate Guide

30 Day Breakaway Review

Have you ever watched people running outside, or on a treadmill, and said “I wish I could run like that! It would be so fun!” but you have no idea where to start? Have you wondered if you'd actually be able to do it? 30 Day Breakaway was designed for you! It is truly the ultimate running workout program! You'll be working out at home focusing on exercises that will help you get stronger for running, and then head out for a guided run that is customized for YOU! And at the end of the 30 days, you'll complete a 5km run in your own personal best record time!

We wrote this 30 Day Breakaway review so that you know exactly what this incredible workout offers, and how it can transform your life! 30 Day Breakaway was made for beginners to running, all the way to advanced runners that are looking to run faster, beat their records, and train like a world-class athlete. No matter where you are starting from, 30 Day Breakaway is the running workout you have been waiting for!

30 Day Breakaway Review

The 30 Day Breakaway running workout program was created by Beachbody Super Trainer Idalis Velasquez to help anyone get started with running, and also allow intermediate runners or advanced runners to beat their personal best times after the completion of the 30 Day Breakaway workout program! Idalis was a nationally ranked track and field star for nearly ten years, and now, brings all her expertise to this incredible workout.

30 Day Breakaway is a 30 day program that features a 20-25 minute workout that you can do at home with weights or resistance bands, followed by a run either outdoors, or on a treadmill for 20-25 minutes. But before we dive deep, make sure to press play on this video!

What Equipment is Needed for 30 Day Breakaway?

You can absolutely conquer 30 Day Breakaway with just your body weight, but we recommend you get yourself a nice set of weights! A light weight you could do 50 reps with no problem (usually 5-10 pounds is great for most people to start), then a set that you can do 20-25 reps with (10-15 pounds works for most), and then a set for 10-20 reps max (15-25 pounds is great for most). I personally use 15 pounds for light, 25 pounds for medium, and 35 pounds for heavy.

30 Day Breakaway Running Program

A yoga mat would be great to have since with 30 Day Breakaway, the home workout portion will have you stretching, and doing movements on the floor on your back, on your stomach, and using your hands.

And of course, you will definitely want to grab a water bottle, and a towel! You will be sweating in record time, and getting a workout live you've never experienced before with this runners workout program!

What Makes 30 Day Breakaway So Unique?

30 Day Breakaway is the first workout program ever developed that will have you working out at home doing a unique custom workout designed to improve your running performance on a daily basis! Every moment and workout you do was specifically designed to increase your strength, endurance, and agility so that you can enjoy running and improve your stamina!

One of our favourite parts of the workout is definitely the end! The 5K Day! And of course, when you complete your 5K, Beachbody will send you your very own 5K medal! They look slick check these out!

Can I Try a 30 Day Breakaway Sample Workout?

Of course! We know you will absolutely love 30 Day Breakaway, so why not give it a try first.

What is the 30 Day Breakaway Meal Plan?

The Meal Plan for 30 Day Breakaway focuses on allowing you to either follow 2B Mindset, or Ultimate Portion Fix, which guess what, are both included with your purchase of 30 Day Breakaway! Why?

2B Mindset and Ultimate Portion Fix work together, or separately! It really depends on how you like to structure your life, and your current eating habits. Once you fill in the form below, before you get started with 30 Day Breakaway, we guide all our challengers through a quick questionnaire to figure out which one is right for you! But let's break them down in their simplest forms so you can understand a little better.

2B Mindset is all about learning “secrets” to weight loss, for example: What foods to eat first. What to consume in the first hour of your day. How to eat when you head to a restaurant. Plus: You will learn how to set your mindset up right for success during the nutritional portion of your life! It's not at all focused on the idea of “dieting” and is totally focused on building a healthy relationship with food. This goes in line completely with 30 Day Breakaway and our recommended place to start!

Ultimate Portion Fix is much more “strict” in nature. You measure out your portions, and you learn what times to eat, what to eat, and how much of it to eat. The magic in Ultimate Portion Fix is you will not be left hungry. By using the Ultimate Portion Fix method in conjunction with 30 Day Breakaway, you will get rapid results that you will be able to keep forever!

30 Day Breakaway Meal Plan

What Results Can I Expect with 30 Day Breakaway?

Your results will be spectacular, and unlike any other workout you've done before, you will be able to run like never before at the end of 30 Day Breakaway! That's why we love this program so much! It's not just a workout to look good (And trust us and see below, you will look spectacular after doing 30 Day Breakaway).

30 Day Breakaway Results
Maleeza achieved incredible results by following 30 Day Breakaway's dynamic combo of running and resistance training, she was able to build muscle, strength, endurance, speed, and total-body power.

How To Buy 30 Day Breakaway?

The 30 Day Breakaway Workout comes out for early access to coaches only on October 5th, and to customers on October 19th. If you'd like to be first to get your cop, simply fill in the form below to get instant access to our VIP group, and be FIRST to get started with 30 Day Breakaway!

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