Fire and Flow Workout Review

Fire and Flow is the first workout designed to get your mind, body, and life into balance and joy in just 4 weeks. Designed by Jericho McMatthews and Elise Joan, this is the ultimate combination of high intensity workouts one day, mixed with an alternating yoga day that will help your mind and body get into an incredible peak state of being. You'll be able to train harder while avoiding over exertion, while at the same time getting incredible results! Let me break it all down for you in the Ultimate Fire and Flow Workout Guide.

Fire and Flow Review

Much of our lives these days are filled with stress. And this stress leads to many physical health, as well as mental health issues that can be hard to deal with. When your body is stressed it cannot perform at it's best and can cause even the best of us to find it hard to live every day to it's fullest. That is why Beachbody created Fire and Flow. Fire and Flow! Developed from the ground up to get you the best results possible by giving you the best of yoga, mixed with the best of high intensity workouts!

During the Fire workouts, Jericho will have you pushing your body to its limits during a 25-30 minutes workout that will be fast, and leave you breathless! If you've never done a Jericho workout, you are in for an absolute treat, and so is your body! It will help you release all the stress and have you ready to take on the world!

The Flow workouts are key! Elise is a master yoga instructor and her days will ensure you stretch, move, shift your mindset, and relax your muscles as they recover in record time to ensure you are ready for your next Fire workout. This combination with two super trainers will help you get the best results possible in a short 4 week period!

Fire and Flow Sample Workout

We've gotten our hands on a sample Fire and Flow workout so you can try it out and see for yourself! Simply press play below and get ready to get one of the best workouts of your life on! Once you've finished it you can order it right here.

What Equipment is Needed for Fire and Flow

You don't need anything other than your body weight if you are ok with modifying certain moves, however Beachbody does recommend that you have light, medium, and heavy dumbbells. So do we. The best results we see are when our clients use weights to help them build muscle as it burns so much of your calories throughout the day.

You'll also want a good set of resistance loops which you can get from Beachbody, and a good yoga mat does help but not required.

Fire and Flow Results

The results are in, and they are incredible! Fire and Flow really transforms the lives of the people that go all in! Here are just a few of the Fire and Flow Results.

Fire and Flow Results

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