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80 Day Obsession Workout

We did it! My wife and I completed the 80 Day Obsession Workout Program in the exclusive test group. We were a part of a small group that took part in the test group as Autumn Calabrese was creating the Obsession workout, and we were also selected to have our 80 Day Obsession results featured by Beachbody on their Beachbody! That's why we decided to write this 80 Day Obsession Review so you can see if it's right for you!

We thought, why don't we share our results with you, tell you all about the program, and then give you an opportunity to join our exclusive test group that will include special appearances and support from Autumn Calabrese herself!

How Do I Buy 80 Day Obsession and Save in December?

We are going to dive deep and tell you all about 80 Day Obsession, but for those that just want to order right away, we wanted to give you the links to order right away! Once you order, make sure to fill in the form near the end of this post to get access to our PRIVATE VIP SUPPORT GROUP!

80 Day Obsession Mega Pack

This kit includes everything you will read about in this 80 Day Obsession review! It's really meant for those that want to go all in with Obsession, and get the crazy results you've seen on social media and will see in this post. It includes the complete 80 Day Obsession workouts, Sliders, Loops, Portion Control Containers, Shaker Cup, Shakeology, 4 tubs of Performance Recovery, Two tubs of Energize, and also the program guides and workout calendars!

80 Day Obsession Challenge Pack

Canada Mega Pack ($410 Off While Supplies Last) https://miguel.vip/80daycanadamega

USA Mega Pack ($285 Off While Supplies Last) https://miguel.vip/80dayusamega

UK Mega Pack ($410 Off While Supplies Last) https://miguel.vip/80dayukmega

Once you've placed your order, simply add me on facebook and I'll get you added to our free VIP Support group! Also, if you have any questions, feel free to add me as well and I'd be happy to answer them, or help you get the best deal possible if you want to buy 80 Day Obsession!

Who Should Get 80 Day Obsession

80 Day Obsession was designed for people that want to have a personal trainer living in their home. Seriously, that's what the 80 Day Obsession Workout experience will feel like to you. 80 Day Obsession is for those that want to have a leaner, stronger, more fit look! If you want to create strong muscle curves without bulking up, lift your butt, and build your body strength, this program is for you.

Oh and guess what, my wife and I are featured in Obsession launch video for our results with 80 Day Obsession! Take a look at this video to get a lot of the details!

What Results Can You Expect with 80 Day Obsession

Erin and I were part of the test group, and in 80 days, we each lost over 30 pounds, and basically completely transformed our bodies, check these results out! If you could get 80 Day Obsession Results like these, would you be happy? A big part we wrote this 80 Day Obsession Review was so we could share these amazing results with you!

80 Day Obsession Results
On the left I was 31 years old, on the right, was 37 years old using Beachbody Workouts, all working out at home.
80 Day Obsession Workout
In just 23 days, 80 Day Obsession Results comparison! Left is July 31st 2017, Right is August 22nd, 2017.

The results are incredible with 80 Day Obsession. I'm talking life changing outside, as well as inside. Here are my wife's results with 80 Day Obsession:

80 Day Obsession Results
Erin has lost just over 30 pounds with 80 Day Obsession!

We also had a lot of friends on our team that incredible results! Check out these results with 80 Day Obsession!

80 Day Obsession Results
Amazing results with 80 Day Obsession, achieved in 80 days!

So anyway, 80 Day Obsession is going to change the way people look at home workout programs! Once it gets into peoples hands like you, the results won't stop pouring in!

80 Day Obsession Nutrition Plan

While we can't reveal too much about what we experience until the program is public, we can tell you that the nutrition plan is all about timed nutrition with professionally calibrated macronutrients to get you the maximum results from each and every workout.

The nutrition plan still uses the portion control containers you are used to but introduces some new concepts like eating at specific times of the day, and also eating a certain time before a workout, as well as a certain time after your Obsession workout.

I can also tell you that my wife and I have come up with a simple and unique way to follow the 80 Day Obsession Nutrition Plan, Timed Nutrition, and once you see it you will say “Wow! That actually isn't that hard and totally something I could do!”.

What Workouts Are Included in 80 Day Obsession

80 Day Obsession workouts are all 30-60 minute workouts. Workouts vary and target various portions of your body, many times at the same time! Some of my favourite moves involved the Beachbody Sliders, as well as some weights, like the “Weighted Sliders Side Squat”

I'll be sending out the exact workouts to all our challenges the second the program launches to the public, but here are just some of the 80 Day Obsession Workouts you have to look forward to:

  • Total Body Core
  • Booty
  • AAA (Arms, Abs, and Ass)
  • Cardio Core

Here is an example of one of my favourite workouts in 80 Day Obsession! You will love doing 80 Day Obsession, and will finally say “I love cardio” even on the days you have to do it!

The workouts are done in three various phases, so each phase, the workout is made more complex, and different. But also remember, since you will be training live with Autumn, every workout is different! Not one workout is ever the same again.

How Do I Get 80 Day Obsession

80 Day Obsession is incredibly unique because it includes 80 unique workouts! Unlike every other home workout you've ever done where you do the same workout, multiple times throughout your journey, with 80 Day Obsession you never repeat the same workout!

80 Day Obsession does require some equipment, so Beachbody has created two different options to purchase the kits. One includes the Bands, Sliders, and the workouts, while the Mega Pack includes the Bands, Sliders, as well as four containers of Beachbody Recovery, as well as 2 containers of Beachbody Performance Energize. I'll talk about these later on in the post.

If you'd like to get the links to order the programs right now, simply fill in this form to be included in our 80 Day Obsession Challenge Group, and get the links to order before anyone else!

What Equipment Do You Need for 80 Day Obsession

Three key things are needed if you want to complete 80 Day Obsession. Beachbody Loops, Beachbody Sliders, and a set of weights of 5 to 15 pounds, or higher if you feel you are stronger. My wife used 10-20 pounds, and I used 20-35 pounds for the entire 80 days.

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