Beachbody’s Coaches Network Expands To Canada

It's official folks, after years of planing, Team Beachbody has finally arrived in Canada! And from the looks of the official press release, it couldn't be at any better time to help end the trend of obesity and lifestyle diseases!

According to the press release:

According to U.S. News & World Report, obesity rates in Canada have more than tripled in less than three decades. The report estimates one in five Canadians will be obese by 2019, making this expansion into Canada timelier than ever. Team Beachbody will offer Canada's 35-million residents cutting-edge fitness products, groundbreaking nutritional supplements like Shakeology® along with a robust system of peer support, plus prizes and rewards for weight loss success. This potent formula has proven to help millions of people succeed in achieving truly life-changing goals.

Carl Daikeler was quoted as saying:

“We are proud of the positive impact Beachbody has made on millions of Americans and Canadians over the last 16 years of marketing our programs on TV. The real game-changer is the entire program including support which we can offer through our Team Beachbody network,” said Carl Daikeler, CEO of Beachbody, LLC. “Expanding that model into Canada is an extremely exciting step in building a positive force of people-helping-people overcome obesity and the consequential lifestyle diseases.”

To read the full press release”Beachbody's Coaches Network Expands Into Canada, Offering Canadians Cutting-Edge Fitness and Nutrition With Unrivaled Peer Support“, visit

If you are interested in becoming a Team Beachbody Coach in Canada, please add me on Facebook (Miguel Carrasco) and we can chat further about your health and fitness goals.

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