Canada’s First Beachbody Millionaire

Miguel Carrasco Beachbody Million Dollar Earner

I wanted to give people a bit of an update with my journey with Team Beachbody over the last few years. There has been a lot of news around since I became the first Canadian to earn over one million dollars USD as a Team Beachbody Coach, hitting the Beachbody Millionaires Club, so I thought I'd write a post about my journey, what my team has accomplished, and how we did it!

Miguel Carrasco Beachbody Millionaire

As some of you know, I became a Beachbody Coach back in October 2012. Little did I know it would completely change my life! I started as a Beachbody Coach because I wanted to help men and women get in the best shape of their lives. Little did I know it would lead to helping men and women all over the world start their own businesses, and reach financial independence, and true life freedom!

When I first started, I had a full-time job that I loved, working about 40-60 hours a week, travelling, in the computer industry. I didn't start Beachbody Coaching for the income. I started it because I had the passion to help others. I didn't want other people to go through what I had to go through when I gained weight and ended up in the hospital with high blood pressure.

Let me first talk to you about what this amazing team of coaches has accomplished, and then end with a few tips for you if you are thinking about becoming a Beachbody Coach in Canada, USA, or Puerto Rico! If a former computer programmer can build a million dollar business as a fitness coach in his spare time while working a full-time job, you can accomplish anything.

The Largest and Most Successful Team in Canada

In my first year as a Beachbody Coach, I became the first Diamond coach in Canada in 24 days since launch, and then went on to become the first coach to ever hit 5 Star Diamond Coach, and later become the first and only Elite Coach in the entire company. Our team was growing fast and we had nearly 500 coaches on our team in our first year alone! Here's a picture of me signing Canada's first ever Elite Star at Coach Summit in Las Vegas, 2014.

Miguel Carrasco Elite Coach

Our team is currently made up of over 6,000 coaches in Canada, USA, and Puerto Rico! Here's a picture of some of the All-Star Coaches at a Beachbody event in Nashville about a year ago! It was taken right after I spoke on stage to some 8,000 people!

Smart Ass Fitness Coach Summit 2015

Our Coaches Results Featured in Infommercials

The coolest part has been so many of our coaches results have been featured by Beachbody on their web sites, on tv, and even starring in infomercials. And not just any infomercials, the number one infomercials in North America!

Here's a picture of me on television for PiYo, which airs in Canada, USA, Puerto Rico, and the United Kingdom!

Miguel Carrasco PiYo Infomercial

I've Met So Many Beachbody Celebrity Trainers!

Another incredible part of this journey has been able to meet so many of the trainers that are featured in the workout dvd's. All the stars from P90X, Insanity, TurboFire, Body Beast, 21 Day Fix, and so many more!

Here's a picture of me with one of my favourite trainers, and the creator of TurboFire, the program that helped me lose nearly 60 pounds in a 90 day period!

Miguel Carrasco Chalene Johnson

Another one of my favourite trainers has to be Autumn Calabrese. When she came to Beachbody, I remember speaking with her on stage, and watching her incredible career with Beachbody progress to what it is today… SUPERSTAR! So proud to call her my friend, and so happy she has come out to Winnipeg to visit us and lead workouts with our coaches!

And of course Sagi Kalev also was able to make the trip to Winnipeg to headline one of our events up here in Canada! You might know him as “The Beast” or the star from The Master's Hammer & Chisel.

Sagi Kalev Winnipeg

Currently Our Team is Growing Insanely Fast

In November 2015, I was the first Canadian to reach more than One Million Dollars total earnings USD from Team Beachbody. Although this sounds like such a huge milestone and accomplishment (and of course it is), what made me more excited was what it meant.

  • The tens of thousands of lives I've helped get in the best shape of their lives.
  • The thousands and thousands of coaches that I help build their own at home fitness business.
  • The moms I've helped leave their full-time 9-5 jobs so they could be at home with their kids.
  • The dads I've helped become top coaches, giving kids their dad back.

How Can You Become The Next Top Beachbody Coach?

Let me give you a few tips if you are thinking about becoming a coach, or have already become a coach.

The first tip is make sure you have a fire and passion to want to help other people. This is the biggest key to success as a Beachbody Coach. The first few weeks and months can be challenging, especially if you don't have the right coach or sponsor to help you along the way. Have patience, focus on helping others, focus on your own health and fitness journey. You will find as the weeks go on, you will start to find a rhythm and stride to your business.

My second tip is to make sure you do your research before you become a Beachbody coach. Makes sure you understand what workout program you want to start with, what flavour of Shakeology you want to try, what team you want to join. These all sound like simple things, but as an example: Not joining the right team that you fit with, that will support you and give you all the tools that you need to be successful, can definitely play a huge impact in the level of success you end up reaching as a Beachbody Coach!

So What's The Next Step?

For me, my goals are huge. I want to change the world and I believe helping others become incredible Team Beachbody Coaches is one of the best ways for me to do that. If you'd like to apply to join our team, fill in the quick few questions below, or add me on facebook at: so we can connect and chat about your next steps. I'd love to have you join our team and help you achieve your goals.

Team Beachbody® does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings for the most recent information on the actual incomes of all our Coaches.
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Canada's first and only 4x Elite Beachbody Coach, Member of The Millions Club, Coach Advisory Board Member, Beachbody Leadership Award Recipient. Let me help you get in the best shape of your life. Add me on Facebook if you'd like to chat about Beachbody. I'm here to serve you and help you!

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