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TurboFire Fit Club Creston, British Columbia
TurboFire is one of my favorite workouts! I love it because it has the highest levels of energy, the best music, and an incredible trainer. Today I had the opportunity to help kick-off the first ever TurboFire Fit Club in Creston, British Columbia. It was incredible!
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Tony Horton Event Calgary
Workout With Tony Horton Live in Calgary Some tickets are still available for the live workout with Tony Horton in Calgary, Saturday, February 23rd from 10:00am – 2:00pm CST. This is your chance to workout with the fitness superstar that created P90x, Tony Horton! I am flying in just for this event, so if you...
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Coach Summit 2013 Team Beachbody
Take Your Beachbody Business to The Next Level If you are serious about taking your Beachbody Coaching Career to the next level, you need to come to Coach Summit 2013. There is no other place on planet earth where you will be able to: Workout with Celebrity Trainers like: Tony Horton, Shaun T and Chalene...
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Become a Beachbody Coach
I get so many questions asking me why I decided to become a Beachbody Coach. Many people assume it was for the money, and some people even suggest that Beachbody recruited me to become a Beachbody Coach. A “plant” if you will. This makes me laugh so hard, but it is also flattering since people...
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New Flavour of Shakeology
Beachbody Has The Most Complete Arsenal Of Home Workouts On The Planet Everyone keeps asking me “How many workout programs does Beachbody offer?” So I wanted to put together the Ultimate List of Beachbody Workout Programs. I've created a page that is dedicated to all the Beachbody Challenge Packs, including all the videos, so you...
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beachbody cruise s.s. beachbody
S.S. Beachbody sets sail March 24th, 2014 Beachbody has just announced it's biggest getaway ever for it's top coaches and top Beachbody teams. Beachbody will be taking over Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas for the first-ever, Beachbody only cruise! This is going to be an amazing cruise full of ridiculous fun and excitement for...
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Become a Successful Beachbody Coach
So you have made the decision to become a Beachbody Coach? That's fantastic. You are about to become a member of one of the nicest families in the world. That said, you want to make sure you get started correctly so you can make the most money possible, as quickly as possible. I have learned...
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P90X Challenge Pack
This article is not written by me, but rather a fellow challenger that wanted to go unmentioned, but did want to share his results with P90X in 2012. Enjoy the P90X review. How I Achieved My 2012 Fitness Goal, One Step at a Time Fitness and clean eating are some of the most major challenges...
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First Team Beachbody Diamond Coach in Canada
Interested in becoming a Beachbody Coach in Toronto? My name is Miguel Carrasco, I am the first Canadian Diamond Beachbody Coach, and one of the founding Canadian Beachbody Coaches in Canada. For the first time you can become a Beachbody coach in Toronto! What does this mean to you? Only a handful of people even...
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Everyone keeps asking me, “What is Shakeology?” It's pretty sad that Body by Vi has given any kind of fitness shake a bad name. Whenever I tell people I lost weight using Shakeology as a supplement, the first thing I hear nearly every time is “Oh no, is that like Body by Vi?” So I...
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