Why Turbo Fire is so Effective

Before and Aftter TurboFire

What Turbo Fire is really all about!

Turbo Fire is an incredible workout that I personally used to lose 45 pounds in 90 days. The reason Turbo Fire is so effective is it's utilization of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Turbo Fire HIIT gets your heart rate pumping fast. The Fire Drills that are used in the Turbo Fire HIIT workouts get you working as hard as possible for one minute, and then a quick rest. HIIT gets your metabolism going, and gets you burning calories for up to 24 hours after your workout! This means you are burning up to 9x more calories than any other form of traditional cardio!

Turbo Fire Results

The results you can get with Turbo Fire are incredible. The picture you see below is not a Photoshop. It is the real deal. I lost 45 pounds in 90 days following the Turbo Fire program.

Miguel Carrasco Beachbody Transformation
Miguel Carrasco Beachbody Transformation

To be honest it wasn't too hard. All I had to do is push play, and follow the game-plan. Beachbody makes it super easy. You sign up for a free Team Beachbody Account, you select the workout program you purchased, and Beachbody makes you a calendar to follow! They even give you instant access to the first Turbo Fire workout so you can start learning the moves immediately!

My Final Thoughts and Cost

Turbo Fire is fun, but intense. This means if you are willing to push play, you will finish the workout, and get great results. Every time you push play, you will meet Chalene Johnson, one of the most motivating people you will ever meet. You will literally feel like you are working out with Chalene, doing the workouts with her in your living room. This is hard to do, but Beachbody has found a way to make this happen. If you follow the program, you will get incredible results fast!

To purchase Turbo Fire, you are looking at spending $180 for the ultimate Turbo Fire Beachbody Challenge Pack. This includes all the workouts, bonus DVD's, and even a one month supply of Shakeology, The Healthiest Meal of the Day. I highly recommend you add me on facebook so we can chat about Turbo Fire more, or you purchase Turbo Fire today, and let me become your personal Turbo Fire coach! Here is a quick video showing me doing a Turbo Fire HIIT workout.

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