Shaun T Focus T25
The Honest Focus T25 Workout Review My name is Miguel Carrasco, that's me on the right with Shaun T right after a Focus T25 workout. After reading other T25 reviews that were all pretty much terrible sales pitches, I decided to write an honest review for you. I'm going to tell you exactly when you...
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Les Mills COMBAT Review
I wanted to write this Les Mills COMBAT review for some time. I’ve been a fan of Beachbody workouts since I first started P90x and TurboFire. Before that time, I had never completed a workout regimen that lasted longer than two or three weeks. Of course, by workout regimen I mean fighting myself to get...
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Before and Aftter TurboFire
I just finished my first round of TurboFire a few months ago, and got some incredible results I wanted to share with you with this TurboFire Review (or Turbo Fire Review depending on how you say it). TurboFire combines motivating heart-pumping music, kickboxing, and Chalene Johnson to create the ultimate exercise program. If you are...
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Slim in 6 Workout Review
A Real Review of Slim in 6 My wife did Slim in 6 just before our wedding in 2006, and got some incredible results with the program that we wanted to share with you. She lost 23 pounds before our wedding, and looked amazing! Below is a Slim in 6 Review for you to enjoy,...
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Insanity Workout
What Is The Insanity Workout? Insanity is the number one selling home workout program in the world. Why? Because it gets amazing results. It works. The Insanity workout leverages Maximum Interval Training to deliver incredible results. This is why I decided to get my Insanity certification. I believe in this workout, in Shaun T, and...
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Focus T25 vs Insanity
Will Focus T25 Get You Better Results Than Insanity? It seems everyone wants to know, which workout is better? Focus T25, or Insanity. Personally I believe they are both amazing programs, and it really depends what you want to do! Some people like biking, and some people like running. Some people like both! This is...
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Insanity: The Asylum Review
After trying P90x and Insanity, I wanted to find a workout program that was shorter and was designed for professional athletes. Many of my friends were looking for a great workout that took less time, but still got some amazing results. Hence, I tried Insanity: The Asylum and wrote up a quick review for you.
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Les Mills PUMP Review
It’s hard to believe that some people pay hundreds of dollars each year for gym memberships and personal trainer sessions. For me, the cost of a gym membership is not enough to motivation to get off the couch. I tried that, but because I had so little direction of how and what to exercise, my...
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Turbo Jam Review
I always hated infomercials. If I was interested in a product or service, I was a lot less likely to buy it if I saw it advertised on a biased, misleading infomercial. The case was no different when I first saw the commercial for Beachbody Turbo Jam. However, after my friend told me how much...
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P90X Challenge Pack
This article is not written by me, but rather a fellow challenger that wanted to go unmentioned, but did want to share his results with P90X in 2012. Enjoy the P90X review. How I Achieved My 2012 Fitness Goal, One Step at a Time Fitness and clean eating are some of the most major challenges...
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