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Slim in 6 Review

Slim in 6 Workout Review

A Real Review of Slim in 6

My wife did Slim in 6 just before our wedding in 2006, and got some incredible results with the program that we wanted to share with you. She lost 23 pounds before our wedding, and looked amazing! Below is a Slim in 6 Review for you to enjoy, and see if Slim in 6 is right for you.I’ve never been good at following exercise routines.  I would try a new one every year, stick to it for a few weeks, change my diet and then taper off after about a month.  But Slim in 6 was different. Debbie Siebers made everything so fun and exciting, I was able to stick with it, and get incredible results.

I first learned about Slim in 6 from one of my friends.  She liked it because the short length of the program, six weeks, seemed more realistic than 60- or 90-day exercise systems.  She purchased the workout kit for my birthday, and I was immediately hooked!

Who is Slim in 6 For?

Slim in 6 was designed by Beachbody, the creators of P90x, TurboFire and Insanity.  Beachbody has a great reputation for producing home workout programs, that get incredible results. However, many of these programs are highly demanding, specifically P90X, Insanity, and Focus T25.  Slim in 6 is intense at times, but it was definitely doable.

The main goal of the program is to lose weight.  It employs “Slim Training,” which combines resistance exercises with cardio workouts.  The routines comprise three exercise DVDs and several useful tools to maximize the results:

  • success guidebook
  • nutritional guide
  • progress calendar
  • free online support
  • tape measure
  • 6-Day Express Diet Plan
  • stretching DVD

Beachbody offers a money-back satisfaction guarantee.  However, if your results are anything like mine, complaining about the program will be the last thing on your mind! You will likely be sending Debbie Siebers a thank you letter, or tweet, or email.

The First Few Weeks of Slim in 6

Slim in 6 is a lot more demanding than I initially expected (in a good way to be honest, I was worried it would be too relaxed).  The nutrition and lifestyle plans, if they are followed entirely, are pretty straight forward to follow, and the exercise routines are very entertaining, fun, but challenging enough that you will be sweating!  The moves are “easy” in the sense that anyone can do Slim in 6, but the workout is TOUGH.  I wasn’t able to follow the Slim in 6 moves all the way in my first week, but I was still noticing results after week one!

By the end of week two, I lost five pounds, I was eating healthier and I was transitioning into an all-around healthier lifestyle.  The soreness was starting to fade, and I was noticing more defined thigh muscles.

My Slim in 6 Results

By the end of the six-week program, I lost 22 pounds, which was slightly lower than the 25 that is predicted on the Beachbody website, but 22 is still an amazing accomplishment!  Some of the reviews I read say that the results are inconsistent, but for me, it was a gradual improvement from day one.

Slim in 6 Results
Slim in 6 Results

I would recommend Slim in 6 to people who have trouble starting or committing to intense workout routines.  Slim in 6 is no walk in the park, but it is much shorter than 60-day or 90-day programs.  I like short-term goals; it makes it easier to follow through.  Since I finished the program, several of my friends tried it.  The ones who stuck through yielded excellent results, and I am sure the same would happen to anybody who commits to the system.

Can I See The Slim in 6 Workout?

Here is a quick video that will give you a glimpse into what Slim in 6 is all about!

How To Order Slim in 6

If you are looking to order Slim in 6, I am a Beachbody Coach and would love to help you on your journey. By ordering from this site, I will become your Beachbody Coach, and help you on your journey. There are two ways to get Slim in 6, both of which include a Bonus DVD for ordering from me, Keep It Up!

 Slim in 6 –> Get it Here:  $39.90 (50% Off)

This package includes everything you need to lose inches and weight in 6 weeks! You get Start It Up! Ramp It Up! and Burn It Up. Of course, besides the 6 week program, you will also get the Step-by-Step Nutrition Guide, a special motivational calendar that will keep you engaged and on top of your workouts! Want more? Ok more bonuses: Slim in 6-Pack,  and Slim & Limber, as well as Cardio Core Express! And of course, my free gift to to you of Keep It Up! that you can use long after you are done the entire Slim in 6 Workout Program. How is that for an unbelievable deal for $39.90.

Slim in 6 Challenge Pack –> Get it Here:  $140 (Includes Shakeology)

The Slim in 6 Challenge Pack includes everything you get in the basic package above, PLUS you get Shakeology to try out for one month! This drink is designed to help you with your nutrition, which happens to be the hardest part of any workout program. If you can spend the extra $100, this is a great deal and you save a fair amount of money in the long run.

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