Focus T25 vs Insanity

Focus T25 vs Insanity

Will Focus T25 Get You Better Results Than Insanity?

It seems everyone wants to know, which workout is better? Focus T25, or Insanity. Personally I believe they are both amazing programs, and it really depends what you want to do! Some people like biking, and some people like running. Some people like both! This is the case here. Simply put, Insanity and Focus T25 are two totally different workout programs that can achieve the same results.

Focus T25 vs Insanity

Let me compare the two for you so you can get a better feeling for what the differences are.

Insanity is a 60 day workout program that is totally insane. In month one, you do 30 to 60 minute workouts for 4 weeks. You then get a recovery week, which is followed by the start of Max Interval training witch is sure to kick your ass. The last four weeks of the workout program have you going 50 to 60 minutes every workout, and you basically go so hard you nearly puke in some cases. Insanity is INSANE! If you watch the videos, you will even see the people that are doing the workout on the DVD stop and take breaks.

Focus T25 is 50 days in length, with only 25 minute workouts! That is the brilliance of Focus T25. And you get the same results you can expect from Insanity. How is this possible? Shaun T used all his tricks and put together 25 minute workout routines that have you focusing and going hard with no breaks, for 25 minute. Focus T25 is broken down into 4 weeks of the Alpha phase, followed by 4 weeks of the Beta phase. I broke down the Focus T25 schedule here in detail for you.  Alpha phase focuses on teaching you the moves and getting you into the program. You will workout Monday to Friday. Saturday will be your results/rest day where you can gauge your progress. Sunday is stretching.

Focus T25 vs Insanity
Focus T25 vs Insanity

Which Program Should I Get?

So Focus T25 vs Insanity you say. Well, it really depends on what you like. If you want to go crazy hard for 60 minutes, and enjoy little breaks in between your workouts, then definitely give Insanity a try. I am a certified Insanity instructor and a Team Beachbody Coach so I can help you get max results. Make me your free Team Beachbody Coach here.

If you are strapped for time, and want to get your workout done in the time it would take you to get to the gym, then you should definitely give Focus T25 a try. It honestly is the best workout program Beachbody has put together.

How Do I Order Focus T25 or Insanity and Get a Bonus?

If you order from this site, I throw in a Bonus workout DVD for either Insanity or Focus T25. Also, you get me as your coach to get MAX results out of your workouts. How do I do this? Well I run a facebook group where I share tips, nutrition, and give guidance on the best way to do the workouts and keep you accountable!

Focus T25 Challenge Pack –> Order Here: On Sale for $180 Until July 31st.
The Focus T25 Challenge Pack Includes: Alpha, Beta Phases of the workout (10 DVD’s), Quick Start Guide, Get It Done Nutrition Guide, Workout Calendar, Stretch Workout, 5 Day Fast Start, 15 pound resistance bands, Bonus DVD Core Speed Workout, and Shakeology!

Focus T25 Base Kit –> Order Here: $119.85
The Focus T25 Base Kit is like the Challenge Pack, BUT it doesn’t include Shakeology. If you are tight on a budget, you can definitely purchase this one, but after doing Focus T25 myself, I have to be honest and say that Shakeology will increase your results by a massive factor.

Focus T25 Gamma –> Order Here: $59.85
The Focus T25 Gamma is an optional DVD set that is not part of the main Focus T25 workout. It was created as an add-on to Focus T25 for those people that always ask “What’s next” after they finish a workout program. The focus of this 20 day cycle is to carve lean muscle. The Focus T25 Gamma workouts include: Rip’t Up, Extreme Circuit, The Pyramid, PURE GAMMA Calendar, and Speed 3.0 Workout.

Insanity 60-Day Total-Body Conditioning Program –> Order Here: $119.85
The Insanity Base program includes 10 insane workouts, Elite nutrition guide, Fitness guide, Insanity Calendar, plus my bonus Fast and Furious workout.

Insanity Challenge Pack –> Order Here: $205
For the best results with Insanity, I always recommend the Insanity Challenge Pack because it includes Shakeology, which is regularly priced at $120, and you get one month of Super Gym Premium access which is normally $50 a quarter. So, you save a ton of money, and basically get the workout for $45. Also, if you are putting in all that time and effort to workout with Shaun T, you are going to want the best results possible, so Shakeology will boost your results massively.

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