How P90X Changed My Life

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This article is not written by me, but rather a fellow challenger that wanted to go unmentioned, but did want to share his results with P90X in 2012. Enjoy the P90X review.

How I Achieved My 2012 Fitness Goal, One Step at a Time

Fitness and clean eating are some of the most major challenges of adult life. Conquering body image and resisting negative foods and habits to create a fit, healthy body is difficult to accomplish. I set a goal for my self to get into the best fitness condition I could in 2012, and I succeeded. However I don't want to share with you my struggles, and my successes. Instead I want to get to the meat and potatoes, and show you exactly how I lost nearly forty pounds in 2012 by simply following the P90X schedule. The secret to weight loss is really to follow a great exercise and diet plan. By following a good exercise and diet plan, I have seen success in weight loss and toning my body over this past year.

The first thing to remember is that you do not have to reinvent the wheel. Exercise and diet plans that had previous successful results were at the top of my radar when I started my fitness journey. P90X, the top workout plan for Beachbody, was a well rated program that got many people into good shape after only a few weeks of working out. The P90X is a great place to start for diving into the world of fitness head first. 12 workout plans and 90 days are what the P90X fitness program requires. Even people who are busy daily can fit in one of the P90X workouts and follow a good, clean eating diet.

When I decided to take my goal of getting fit seriously I purchased the P90X program, and then cleaned out my refrigerator.

It is next to impossible to stick to a diet and fitness routine with poor dietary choices within arm's reach.

I went out during the first week of March 2012 and purchased a healthy diet that included no saturated fats, no artificial ingredients, and no chemicals and dyes that were unnecessary additives to foods. I made sure to stick to a diet of fruits, vegetables, lean meats and whole grains. With only these choices available in my home, I had no choice but to pick something healthy to eat each day. Protein is one of the most important parts of dieting and exercising, as meats like tuna and baked chicken can help to get rid of fat and help build muscle. I followed the P90X diet exactly as specified.

Follow The P90X Schedule

P90X Schedule
P90X Schedule

I stuck to a regimen of working out at least once a day. I did a variety of exercises with the P90X workout plan, including yoga, Cardio, and strength training. These three types of exercise were rotated to work different muscle groups and to promote weight loss and muscle building at the same time. Within the first two weeks of starting a clean eating regimen and exercise program, I experienced over ten pounds of weight loss. Over the course of the first 90 days of reprogramming my body and lifestyle, I reached my goal of thirty-five pounds of weight loss. Over the course of 2012, I have now built a body I never thought I would have. All that it took to lose nearly forty pounds and develop better eating habits was making a commitment to work out my body for less than two hours a day and stick with foods that I knew would aid my body towards success. Dedication to creating a better lifestyle is the only way to achieve success in fitness and health. The benefits of the choice I made in 2012 will have lifelong, life changing consequences.

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