Common Misconceptions On Building Better Abs

When you think about rock hard abs, the first thing that comes to mind is doing sit-ups. Unfortunately, sit-ups aren’t really going to do that much for you. If you want to get a killer midsection, read on

Crunches and Sit-Ups

While these are great at isolating your abdominal muscles, they are generally horrible for your back. Especially if you are just getting started, you are very likely to hurt yourself if you start worrying about crunches day one. I see a lot of people at the gym, being guided by fitness coaches, being told to do crunches, and my head nearly explodes every time.

Listen to me carefully. If you are overweight like I was a few months ago, you need to focus on other things! Don’t do crunches. You will only hurt your back, and basically waste your time. Doing a crunch puts a huge strain on your back. There are actually only so many bends your spine can do in a lifetime. The spot in your back with the most nerve endings, and most susceptible for injury are right where your back bends when you do a crunch or a sit-up. Want Abs? Here are four things you need to do to build those bad boys, right after the short picture motivational break.

Common Misconceptions On Building Better Abs
Common Misconceptions On Building Better Abs

Change Your Diet

Not matter what you do to get abdominal muscles of steal, if they are being hidden by a bunch of unhealthy fat, you are not going to be impressing anybody with your abs. You need to change your diet and cut out the fat. This is really the most important step because no matter what you do, you will not see those bad boys when they are covered in McDonalds.

Plank it up

Do you know what your abs are for? They are for keeping you nice and straight! They support your body and your back. In order to get that long, lean look, you need to work the transverse abdominals. Those are the muscles that actually hold the “abs” you are working with a crunch. We do this by doing planks.


Most people don’t think of great abs when they think of a push-up. They mostly think of chest and arms. However, I have been doing a lot of push-ups and planks, and I find that push-ups force you to hold your transverse abdominals in place. Push-Ups actually force your core midsection in place just like planks.

Leg Drops

Lying flat on your back, keeping your spine nice and long. Your hands should be on your sides. Raise your legs straight up 90 degrees, then slowly bring them down just inches from the ground. Keep doing this until your stomach is in pain. FEEL THE BURN.


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