Does Focus T25 Work

Does Focus T25 Work?

The Truth About Focus T25?

Have you seen the Focus T25 claims? Lose 20 to 50 pounds in 10 weeks by working out only 25 minutes a day? If you haven’t seen the Focus T25 workout, here is a video you can check out. After you watch it, I will go into if Focus T25 actually works.


Can I Lose Weight with Focus T25?

So does Focus T25 work? Let me be honest with you. Focus T25 by itself, even with Shakeology, will not get you results. Shaun T can’t magically make you lose weight. Why? Because most people will buy Focus T25 and never open the box! I know crazy right? But that’s where I come in! I’m a Beachbody Coach and I help you get the most out of Focus T25! If you want to check out the full Focus T25 Review by the way, make sure you do so.

The Secret to Weight Loss is Support

The secret to getting results with Focus T25, has very little to do with the workout itself. Focus T25 is awesome and it does work! You don’t need to do INSANITY or P90X! You can just do Focus T25 and in 25 minutes a day you will get in incredible shape. But here is the thing: You get this box in the mail, and it is AWESOME. It is jam packed with DVD’s, Focus T25 Workout Schedule, nutrition guide, fast start guide… EVERYTHING you ever needed to lose weight. If you get the Focus T25 Challenge Pack, you even get Shakeology as a meal replacement. But most people don’t even open the box!

The Truth About Focus T25
The Truth About Focus T25


That’s where I come in! I’m a Beachbody Coach and my entire focus is to get you to open the box, and push play! I do this by email, facebook, and even a private facebook group with all my Beachbody Challengers that are committed to getting results! I even help them get started right with videos like this:

So What’s the Next Step Coach?

Next step? Just get yourself a Focus T25 Challenge pack or buy the base Focus T25 workout. Both options are really inexpensive considering you are about to get in the best shape of your life, and get me as your personal coach to help you get the results! I get an email as soon as you order. Just make sure you join our private group right after you purchase!

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