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Are you ready to get in the best shape of your life?

Ready to get in the best shape of your life? We have created the best Focus T25 Challenge Group on Facebook for you to get the best results possible with Focus T25. How does it work? Well, we have created a Facebook Group where we have people just like you all working out with Focus T25! They all push play every day, and workout together and share their fitness journey! We even have a certified nutritionist in the group to help with any issues, Top Beachbody Coaches, and Certified Insanity Instructors! Best of all, it is 100% free and my commitment to you that Focus T25 is the best workout program on the plane! To join our Focus T25 Challenge Group, simply follow the easy two steps bellow.

  1. Head to this Facebook Group and Request to join.
  2. You will have to make sure you make me your Free Beachbody Coach before you are accepted into the group.

Doing this is very easy, simply Sign-Up for a FREE Team Beachbody account from this link, and I will be your coach, dedicated to helping you get the best results possible with Focus T25.

Don't Have Focus T25 Yet?

If you need to buy Focus T25, I have the best prices and deals for you so that you can get started quickly. Also, because I am a Beachbody Coach, I am offering FREE SHIPPING, and also a FREE BONUS WORKOUT with all of the orders you place using the links below. The free workout is Focus T25 Core Speed

Focus T25 is available in a few options so let me explain them for you:

Focus T25 Challenge Pack –> Order Here: Save $90 Until July 31st.
Get the Alpha, Beta Phases of the workout (10 DVD’s), Quick Start Guide, Get It Done Nutrition Guide, Workout Calendar, Stretch Workout, 5 Day Fast Start, 15 pound resistance bands, Bonus DVD Core Speed Workout, and Shakeology! For only $40 more than the Base Kit, you get Shakeology (Normally $120).

Focus T25 Base Kit –> Order Here: $119.85
Get all the workouts without Shakeology. If you are tight on a budget, you can definitely purchase this one, but I highly recommend you spend the extra $40 and get the Challenge Pack.

Focus T25 Gamma –> Order Here: $59.85
The Focus T25 Gamma is an optional DVD set that is not part of the main Focus T25 workout. It was created as an add-on to Focus T25 for those people that always ask “What’s next” after they finish a workout program. The focus of this 20 day cycle is to carve lean muscle. The Focus T25 Gamma workouts include: Rip’t Up, Extreme Circuit, The Pyramid, PURE GAMMA Calendar, and Speed 3.0 Workout.

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