Buy Focus T25 On Sale

Get Focus T25 On Sale

Just heard breaking news that Focus T25 Challenge Pack will be on sale August 2014 for $180. That is an incredible savings on the workout program that changed everything. If you haven't ready our extensive Focus T25 Review, let me give you the quick version of what Focus T25 is all about!

Why Does Focus T25 Work So Well?

Focus T25 was the first workout program that figured out that most people only “push” hard for about 25 minutes of an entire workout, no matter it's length. Most of the results and progress you make, are in fact done in those 25 minutes that occur during your workout. So what Shaun T figured out is he can push you to the limit for 25 minutes, and get you a killer workout in less time, as long as you focus! Hence the name, Focus T25. And boy does it ever work!

Focus T25 Sale
Focus T25 Sale

See Focus T25 In Action

Want to see what the workout is all about? Check it out here! This 9 minute preview will show you everything you need to know about Focus T25. It will show you the T25 workouts, the Focus T25 results, and the breakdown of the program.


Get Focus T25

Ready to get it done? Truth be told, these things are up to YOU. You have to decide if your ready. If you are ready and want to lose 20 to 50 pounds over the next 10 weeks, then lets get it done. If you aren't ready yet, at least add me on facebook so we can keep in touch, and when you are ready, we can get things done!

How To Save $85 in April with Focus T25

Step 1. Make me your Free Beachbody Coach. Once you have an account, add me on Facebook (Miguel Carrasco) so I can add you to our FREE Focus T25 Private Facebook Support and Accountability Group.

Step 2. Order Focus T25 From the Link Below.

Focus T25 Challenge Pack
Order Here: $180(Includes Shakeology and Bonus DVD’s)


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