Focus T25 Price

Focus T25 Price

People are always asking me how to get the best price for Focus T25. They may have seen it on TV, or a friend told them about it, but the best way to get Focus T25 at the best price possible is to order from a Beachbody Coach like myself. There really are three ways to get Focus T25, and all of the ones below are heavily discounted over their television advertisements.

Focus T25 Price
Focus T25 Price

Get Focus T25 at the Best Price

Focus T25 Challenge Pack –> Order Here: $205 (Includes Shakeology)
If you want to get the Ultimate Focus T25 package, you need the Focus T25 Challenge Pack. It includes the Alpha, Beta Phases of the workout (10 DVDs), Get It Done Nutrition Guide, Quick Start Guide, Workout Calendar, 5 Day Fast Start, Stretch Workout, 15 pound resistance bands, Bonus DVD Core Speed Workout, and Shakeology! Shakeology is an essential piece to the weight loss puzzle since 70% of your results depend on your eating habits and nutrition.

Focus T25 Base Kit –> Order Here: $119.85
If you are looking for a great Focus T25 Price, then look no further. The Focus T25 Base Kit includes everything you need in the Focus T25 workout. All the DVD's in the Alpha and Beta workouts, the resistance bands, Bonus DVD's, and the Get It Done Nutrition Guide!

Focus T25 Gamma –> Order Here: $59.85
Focus T25 Gamma is an optional DVD workout that adds an additional 5 weeks to your workout. It focuses more on weight training, and getting your muscles to really pop out of their clothing. If you are an Insanity graduate, and are looking for a challenge, this is the workout you are going to want to get. However I will warn you, that I do recommend the Base Kit AND the Gamma kit as a combo. Focus T25 Gamma just doesn't sit well on it's own.

Watch Focus T25 in Action

If you are ready to pick up a copy, you can order Focus T25 at the best price right from the links above. However if you would like to see Focus T25 in action one more time, I do have a special video that you should check out right now below.

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