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Does Focus T25 Work?

I get a lot of questions about Focus T25, so let me take a few minutes to answer all your questions about Focus T25. Of course if you want to read the detailed Focus T25 Review, you can check that out as well.

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Why did I write this Focus T25 Review? Because I did the program, lost 25 pounds, and then did the workout with others and they all got amazing results themselves! So since everyone asks me the same questions, I wanted to answer them all in this Focus T25 review.

Is T25 really just 25 minutes a day and nothing else?

YES! There is a two minute cool-down at the end of every workout. Focus T25 is 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week. There is a rest day and a stretch day on the weekends.

How many calories will I burn with Focus T25?

During the workout I burn 300 Calories. After the workout you will have an Afterburn effect. This means in one day, you will burn anywhere from 450 to 800 calories.

Can I join your Focus T25 Support group after I order to get support?

YES! We have hundreds of coaches and people doing the workouts ready to keep you inspired every day! Once you order, you will get a special link to join.

I have knee issues, just had a baby, can't do high impact, have not worked out in forever, just a beginner, can I do this?

YES! Every exercise in Focus T25 is modifiable. There is a person in the video modifying EVERY single exercise Shaun T does so that you can do this workout.

I don't know what to eat or how, does Focus T25 have a nutrition plan?

YES! This plan includes a 5 day kickstart, and an eating plan to help you get the most out of your 60 days!

Did these people in the photo really just do this workout and nothing else?

YES! All they did is Focus T25. Beachbody is VERY careful with how they report their results. The amount of testing that goes into every workout and every routine WOULD BLOW YOUR MIND!

What if I don't like it, can I return it for a different workout?

YES! This is 100% money back guarantee.

I tend to start things and not see them through, will you and your group help me every single day?

YES! I will not let you quit. You will get results or return everything PLEASE!!!!

Can I pick any flavor of Shakeology like Chocolate, Vanilla, or Greenberry?

YES! The shakes are a big reason why I lost 45 pounds in 90 days because they are jammed with nutrition, fruit, veggies, and protein. Exercise has to be accompanied with nutrition.

Does $205 include everything?

YES! 60 workouts, 30 days of shakes, 30 day free membership to Beachbody, A Nutrition Plan, Exercise Bands, 60 Day Calender, Nutrition Guide, A Progress Tracking Guide, Your Coach for 60 days, ME, Miguel Carrasco, and all the group support you need to get through this.

Can I win prizes if I get some kick butt results?

YES! Take your before and after photos, submit them online with your FREE membership at Beachbody, and you will qualify for a $500 daily prize, a $25,000 prize and a $100,000 GRAND PRIZE

Can I order this NOW? How do I order and where?

YES! Here is the link to order. All you do is pick your shake flavor! (I love, love, love Chocolate, and I am digging the new Vanilla with a little water, almond milk and a little banana)

Do I need to just stop asking so many questions and get started?


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