Focus T25 Workout

T25 Workout

Why I Love the Focus T25 Workout

I've been rocking the Focus T25 workout now for over two weeks, and so far, I LOVE IT. I can already see some new muscle definition in my arms, chest, and my legs. Very impressive results so far. The reason I love it so much is because it is totally focused. Most of the workouts you do, whether it's at the gym, running, or working out at home, are so long that you don't really give it your all ever. In some cases you push hard once in a while, but during a workout, people tend to pace themselves. With Focus T25, you focus for 25 minutes and you workout like you never have before.

The Focus T25 Workout

The first 4 weeks of Focus T25 are called the “Alpha” phase. During this phase, Shaun T gets you moving hard and fast. There is a modifier in Focus T25, so you should have no problem getting going, but get ready to kick it up a notch when you get to the “Beta” stage. Last weekend I gave a sneak peak to Focus T25 at a local Beachbody Fit Club, and people absolutely loved it. After the workout (you can see a picture below), I gave some of the students the Focus T25 Workout Schedule and they couldn't believe it and bought the program immediately!

Focus T25 Workout
Focus T25 Workout

Once you are done with Focus T25 Alpha and Beta, you should be in the best shape of your life if you focused and pushed play. You should have lost weight, gained muscle and found a new you. Next (yes there is a next), Shaun T takes you to the final stage, Gamma. Gamma is an optional Focus T25 Workout that takes your game to the next level. During Gamma, you gain ridiculous muscle, and increase your level of fitness to crazy new heights.

Again, the thing I find the most impressive is that Focus T25 is only 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

Get Focus T25 Now

Only in July, you can get Focus T25 which includes the Alpha and the Beta workout, Shakeology in any flavor you want, and free shipping for $90 off the regular price. This is called a “Beachbody Challenge Pack” and is put together in such a way to get you the best results possible. I highly recommend the Challenge Pack because you are basically getting a bag of Shakeology for an extra $40. It's a no brainer.

See Focus T25 in Action

If you are like me, you want to see the workout program before you buy, so here is a 10 minute video that gives you a quick preview of Focus T25 so you can understand what the workout program is all about.

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