GSP Retires

georges st-pierre retires

After Defeating Johny Hendricks GSP Retires

After defeating Johny Hendricks, GSP retires! That's right. After holding the UFC Championship belt for over 9 title defenses, GSP won his 10th UFC title defense. Georges St-Pierre retired for many reasons, and he may be back. But I for one, am happy that he has decided to hang up the gloves. GSP has given us some of the most amazing moments in UFC history.

Many UFC Fighters Never Retire

There are so many UFC fighters that should retire, but decide against it. Why? Because they want to make more money. The sad thing is the promoters encourage them to keep fighting. GSP is one of the first fighters to fight with grace, dignity, character, and leave the octagon healthy. He will be able to enjoy his life, and help so many other fighters, his family, and take care of himself and enjoy his life.

Why did Georges St-Pierre Retire?

The answer to why GSP decided to retire remains a mystery. I'm sure over the next few months more will be revealed. But what matters the most to me is not the question as to why Georges St-Pierre Retired, but more how incredible he was inside, and outside of the ring. GSP was a true role model. Showing everyone that Martial Arts is more than just about punching someone in the face until they quit. Martial Arts is all about respect, honour, and diginity. It's about working as hard as you can to be the best you can be. It's about helping others become their best.

I will miss you GSP. Thanks for the amazing fights, but more importantly, thanks for being such a great role model.

GSP Retires
GSP Retires


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