P90X3 Elite Workout

P90X3 Elite Workout

Looking to find out more about the P90X3 Elite Workout? I've had the chance to workout with Tony Horton a few times before P90X3 was released, so I want to give you the inside scoop on exactly what you can expect in the P90X3 Elite Block Workout, and how it can benefit your workout.

Do I Need The P90X3 Elite Block Workout?

The answer is, it depends. The P90X3 Elite Workouts were designed to help you train like an elite athlete. You will not be able to do these workouts without first completing P90X3 or P90X. Trust me. They are hard! They created with the sole focus of increasing your speed, power, and performance no matter what sport you are competing in. My favorite of the three workouts is definitely the X3 Ab Ripper workout, as it focuses on destroying the core and building abs the Captain America would be jealous of.

P90X3 Elite Workout
P90X3 Elite Workout

What Comes With P90X3 Elite Workout?

The P90X3 Elite Block of workouts comes with three new workouts and a P90X3 Elite Workout Calendar. What are the three killer workouts?

P90X3 Complex Upper

Tony brings his A game to this workout. He has your body and mind guessing the entire time as you switch from weight resistance exercises, to explosive speed movements that will give you an upper body that will make you proud to walk up and down the beach this summer. What I love about this workout is that it stretches out your muscles as well, so you really get a full range of muscle workout so you wont lose any agility.

P90X3 Complex Lower

Post-Activation Potentiation.. what? Ya exactly! What it means though in English is: This workout will kick your ass! You will not be able to walk the next day. Trust me. I mean maybe you will be able to make it through, but definitely do some serious stretching. It will focus solely on the lower body, making you stronger, leaner, and faster in less time than you ever thought possible.

P90X3 Ab Ripper

This is by far the best ab workout you will ever do. If you are in need of ripping apart your core in a way that you never thought possible, X3 Ab Ripper is the way to go. I would almost go so far as to say that X3 Ab ripper is so good, that it makes the Elite Workout series totally worth it.

Buy P90X3 Elite Workouts
Buy P90X3 Elite Workouts

How Do I Get P90X3 Elite Workout?

You can get the P90X3 Elite Workouts either separately, or you can get them included in P90X3 Deluxe or P90X3 Ultimate workout packages.

Get P90X3 Elite Workouts
This kit includes just the P90X3 Elite Workout DVD's and calendar. I would highly suggest you get one of the other packages, or the base kit of P90X3 before purchasing the P90X3 Elite Workout DVD's.
Order Here: http://bit.ly/p90x3elite

P90X3 Ultimate- $329.55
Base Kit & Deluxe Kit Plus: P90X3 Chin-Up Bar, P90X3 Chin-Up Max, 30 Day Supply of Results & Recovery, Premium Beachbody Jump Mat
Order Here: http://bit.ly/p90x3ultimate

P90X3 Deluxe – $239.70
Base Kit Workouts, Plus: 3 Elite Extreme Workouts, Elite Block Calendar, 30 Day Supply of E&E, 3 B-Line Resistance Bands
Order Here: http://bit.ly/p90x3deluxe

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