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P90X3 Schedule

The P90X3 Schedule has yet to be made public, but there are a lot of details! If you would like to read the Complete Guide to P90X3, check it out. however we can tell you all about the workout schedule.  The P90X3 workout schedule will be 30 minutes a day, and last 90 days. It is going to be a program that is jam packed to ensure you transform your body. This is why it is called P90X3 Accelerated.
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P90X3 Schedule
P90X3 Schedule

P90X3 Workout Schedule

With P90X3, you are going to be working out every single day, Monday to Sunday. Some workouts are going to be tougher than others, so you will have to BRING IT!. P90X3 comes with 20 different workouts right out of the box, and will even ship with a bonus P90X3 workout and a P90X3 hat when it is first released as a promotion on December 10th, 2013.

Once we are allowed, we will upload the official P90X3 Workout Schedule on this site, along with the P90X3 Schedule for you to download.

Watch P90X3 Workout

We wanted to make sure you got a sneak peak at P90X3, so without making you wait any further, here is P90X3. We know you are going to love this new workout.

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