Shift Shop Workout Review

Shift Shop Workout Review

Imagine getting the ultimate workout completed in just three weeks, and dropping up to 10 pounds fat? Shift Shop is coming, and I want to give you all the information you need in this Shift Shop Workout Review! Introducing Shift Shop by Chris Downing! Get ready to ramp up to the next level of fitness.

What Workouts Come With Shift Shop

All the workouts that come with Shift Shop use a concept known as “Active Agility Training”. Using this method, Chris will help you get some insane results! The Shift Shop Agility Markers will help you improve your reflexes, coordination, speed, and endurance! And if you've ever wanted washboard abs, Chris's Core Focused Ab Shredding routines will give you just that!

The exact workouts that come with Shift Shop haven't been disclosed yet, however, we will be updating this post as soon as the information is made available.

Shift Shop Workout Program

Shift Shop is a unique workout program that allows you to build upon your previous week's results for a three week period. You'll be working out 6 days a week with Chris, and resting one day! This program is really meant for those people that really want to get results fast, improve their cardio, and get in the best possible shape of their lives in just three weeks.

How Long Are Shift Shop Workouts?

The length of the workouts in Shift Shop were designed to allow anyone to get started easily, and then end the workout program in the best shape of your life. The workouts start at 25 minutes, and by the end of the final week, your workouts are 45 minutes in length.

Shift Shop Three Weeks

Once you have completed a round of Shift Shop, you will be ready to load up Beachbody on Demand, and take on any program you desire and continue on your new health and fitness journey!

What is the Shift Shop Meal Plan?

Beachbody decided to take a different approach with the Shift Shop workout program, allowing people to ease into a more healthy lifestyle! During the first week, you will decrease starchy carbs, and then increase your proteins and veggies as the week's progress. The meals are incredible, and the results are even better!

What Results Can I Expect with Shift Shop?

No matter what shape you are in, Shift Shop results will blow you away. Why don't I show you a video, so you can see for yourself what results you can expect!

How Can I Be First To Get Shift Shop?

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