8 Songs Scientifically Proven To Burn More Calories

Burn More Calories Faster with This Music in your Playlist

Did you know music doesn't just make you feel good? It actually has now been proven to help you burn more calories! Now before you think “This guy is nuts!” let me explain how it works, and why it works! The secret is in your target heart rate, and the way music can help you reach that target.

Creating The Perfect Workout Playlist

We prefer working out from home, but no matter what you do: Running, Workout at the Gym, or at home Workouts, the music you play will mean the difference between a lower calorie burn, and a much higher on that will help you burn a record amount of fat. When you select your music, there are two keys you must follow:

  • A song that builds up and then sustains the same BPM as your target heart rate.
  • A song that motivates and inspires you with the lyrics.

One of these talks to your heart, and the other talks to your mind. When these two elements are in play, the music you listen to, will help you burn more calories!

8 Songs That Will Help You Workout Harder

  1. M.O.M – Will Roush – 176 BPM
  2. Bangarang – Skrillex – 112 BPM
  3. Whatever It Takes – Imagine Dragons – 135 BPM
  4. In My Mind – Ivan Gough – 128 BPM
  5. Money and the Power – Kid Ink – 174 BPM
  6. Champion – Fall Out Boy – 188 BPM
  7. Titanium – David Guetta – 126 BPM
  8. Hero – Skillet – 142 BMP
Songs Scientifically Proven To Burn More Calories
Songs Scientifically Proven To Burn More Calories
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