Tony Horton’s New Workout

Tony Horton's New Workout

Tony Horton has been working on P90X3 some time now, and it is on the brink of being released in Winter of 2013. What is Tony Horton's new workout all about? You can read my full P90X3 Review. Is it going to change the way you workout? Well if you are a fan of 10 Minute Trainer, and Mixed Martial Arts, you are going to love Tony Horton's New Workout. Imagine a blend of 10 Minute Trainer, and Mixed Martial Arts. Beachbody and Tony Horton bring you P90X3 Accelerated!

A New P90X, Accelerated!

10 Minute Trainer is one of the most popular workouts on the market today. Why? Because everyone wants to get in shape, and if you can do it in 10 minutes, well then even better! 10 Minute Trainer has been featured on Dr. Oz many times because it gets results. More people stick with the workout because it is short, and gets results. Now imagine a workout that is just slightly longer, has some mixed martial arts movements, and features Tony Horton? That my friends is the new workout program you are going to get from Beachbody when they release Tony Horton's New Workout Program.

MMA Inspired Tony Horton Workout

I've been to many of the Live Tony Horton workouts, and all signs point to P90X3 being MMA inspired. Even while on stage, cracking jokes, Tony Horton can't help himself and say things like Let's do some martial arts moves from a yet unreleased and untitled new workout program I am coming out with very very soon. P90X3 is extreme fitness, accelerated, with some amazing new MMA routines.

Tony Horton is the king of home workouts because his programs get incredible results. I remember when I first tried P90X thinking “How can a workout I do at home, get results like the ones I see on TV?”. Simple: Great Trainer, Great Workout, and Great Nutrition. That is the secret formula.

Tony Horton New Workout Program
Tony Horton Brings You P90X3

If you have ever tried other “MMA” workouts, you will find that they are just not the same level of quality of a Beachbody workout. I love GSP for example. Being Canadian myself, and a fellow Kyokushin Karate practitioner, I thought to myself: “Hey I'm going to try this UFC workout and see how it goes!” The thing is, it was BORING! Who wants to do a 60 minute workout that bores you to tears, and doesn't really get you great results? GSP doesn't even do the training. They sell the workout as a “GSP MMA workout”, but it is actually another trainer, and GSP just workouts out with you.

Tony Horton will BRING IT when it comes to this new workout program. He will add his own spin, his years of knowledge, and his style to a fast paced, Mixed Martial Arts workout.

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