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Vanilla Shakeology

Vanilla Shakeology

Vanilla Shakeology Now Available From Beachbody

People have been asking for Vanilla Shakeology for years and it is finally here! Starting right now, you can order Vanilla Shakeology from my Beachbody store. I am so excited for this new flavor of Shakeology for two reasons. The first, EVERYONE WANTS IT! I have had so many people read my article on why Shakeology is amazing, but then they are disappointed when they find out that they can't get vanilla! No more! Vanilla Shakeology is here! And secondly, I'm pumped about the vanilla flavor because it was made with all natural, non GMO ingredients.

Vanilla Shakeology is All Natural

You need to understand that all vanilla shakes up until Vanilla  Shakeology have some form of GMO ingredient or artificial flavoring that is poison to your body. They sacrifice health, for flavor and cost. It's just the way it is. Beachbody at its core is all about healthy, pure, clean eating. Shakeology Vanilla delivers on this promise by making a scientific breakthrough and finding a way to extract natural vanilla flavors, and blending it with the great ingredients you come to expect in Shakeology.

Learn About Vanilla Shakeology

I was just at the launch event for the new vanilla flavor Shakeology and they played this video to explain how Beachbody was able to create the ultimate vanilla flavored health drink. Watch the video below to learn exactly what I mean.

Order Vanilla Shakeology Today

If you want to order Vanilla Shakeology, it is super easy to do it! Simply head to my Beachbody Shakeology Store, and pick the Vanilla Flavor of Shakeology. When you order on home direct, you will get free shipping.

Vanilla Shakeology
Vanilla Shakeology Has Arrive. Order Today With Free Shipping.

Not Sure? Try Vanilla Shakeology

If you want to try vanilla Shakeology, I have an idea. I know that you will love Shakeology and it will change your life. I am so confident, that I will send you a free packet of Vanilla Shakeology to your house. All you need to do is add me as your Beachbody Coach (It is totally free), and then fill in the form below. Once you do that, I will send you a free sample pack of Vanilla Shakeology at my cost. PLEASE only ask for the sample if you are serious as it costs me a significant amount of time, and money to send out these samples.

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