Focus T25 Schedule

Focus T25 Schedule

Focus T25 Schedule

Looking for the Focus T25 Schedule?

I always like to have my own schedule handy in electronic format so I don’t have to carry around the schedule you get with the workout program.You never know when you are going to lose your Focus T25 schedule that came with your DVD set! Read the full Focus T25 review.If you don’t already have a free Beachbody Coach, add me on Facebook I’d love to help you get awesome results with T25. If you don’t have a copy yet and would like to order Focus T25, there is no lower price  than below in case you don’t have it.

Focus T25 Alpha Schedule

Here is the Alpha Phase for the Focus T25 Schedule. You can click on the Focus T25 Schedule and it will enlarge. Also I have included a PDF for you to download the Alpha Schedule Here.

Focus T25 Schedule - Alpha Phase

Focus T25 Schedule – Alpha Phase

Focus T25 Beta Schedule

Here is the Beta Phase for the Focus T25 Schedule. You can click on the Focus T25 Schedule and it will enlarge. Also I have included a PDF for you to Focus T25 Beta Schedule.


Focus T25 Beta Schedule

Focus T25 Beta Schedule

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I can’t wait to get you started on your journey! I lost 45 pounds in 90 days! I know you can do it to.

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  • By Valerie Mannarino-Blanco 05 Jul 2013

    What is the major difference between beta and alpha? Do we do both? One month alpha and one month beta? Or do we choose one schedule and repeat it the second month?

  • By Donald Irvine 06 Jul 2013

    Miguel Carrasco how do I get you as my coach for T25.

  • By Rahman Musa 07 Jul 2013

    what's the diet like for this programme is it the same as insanity?

  • By Caitlin Harlow 07 Jul 2013

    What bonus dvd do I get if I purchase through you? The gamma post program one? And is it free shipping to canada too?

  • By Miguel Carrasco 09 Jul 2013

    I am from Canada, and yes you get free shipping. Also, the bonus workout DVD is Score Speed.

  • By Miguel Carrasco 09 Jul 2013

    You can always customize and modify the workouts, but the recommendation is to do Alpha the first month, then Beta. Beta basically kicks things up a notch in the speed department, but is still the same level of intensity as Alpha. The most important thing in any workout is form, and even if you are a pro, and have done INSANITY, I always recommend people follow the schedule so you can learn the moves and get the form down, otherwise your results will not be as good as they would be compared to someone that followed the program.

  • By Miguel Carrasco 09 Jul 2013

    If you don't already have a Beachbody coach, you simply can sign-up with Team Beachbody for a free account at the time of purchase. If you already have an account, just read my article:

  • By Mustafa Jafar 09 Jul 2013

    Miguel, on Fridays, do you do 2 workouts? or do you choose between the two?

  • By Monique Bergam 09 Jul 2013

    I have a friend who is on day 5 and she said its a 50 min workout… I'm guessing you "get" to do both.

  • By Miguel Carrasco 11 Jul 2013

    On Friday's you can do two workouts as a BONUS OPTION. Personally I do one workout, and I do the second one on Saturday before doing my measurements :)

  • By Miguel Carrasco 11 Jul 2013

    I find it has less calories than the Insanity workout, but I don't have a problem with it really. I drink a ton of Shakeology so it's pretty easy to follow for me. You aren't hungry at any point during the day.

  • By Marsha Sexton 16 Jul 2013

    I had my ACL replaced and a Meniscus tear repaired just about two months ago. I should be released to run next month…but I would love to add something like this into my workout. Before my accident I had lost 30 pounds just watching what I eat and exercise….but now I have gained 10 back. It's time to build some muscle and get ready for this winters ski season…I don't want to have to worry about my knee again! Is this program safe enough for someone in my position at this point?

  • By Albert Chirighin 17 Jul 2013

    A correction Miguel. Fridays are listed in the workout booklet as Double Day Friday. You are supposed to do both workouts that day. If you choose to do differently, that's up to you.

  • By Miguel Carrasco 18 Jul 2013

    It is recommended for Maximum Results. It also says "If you can't get through two workouts, don't stress. You can always do the second one over the weekend.". Ultimately, don't stress! Many people when they start this workout, can only do one on Friday's, and then slowly add the second workout. That is totally good. The most important thing is to keep pushing play, and focus on form!

  • By Miguel Carrasco 18 Jul 2013

    Hi Marsha, I'm not a doctor so I can't tell you if you are ready to do this program or not unfortunately. You should consult your doctor and see what he says. Once you are cleared to exercise again, this is a great program to do to get back into things because you can use the modifier and keep the entire workout low impact, but still HIGH INTENSITY.

  • By Nathanael Brice 11 Aug 2013

    Do I have to have the Gamma phase to get amazing results?

  • By Miguel Carrasco 17 Aug 2013

    Gamma is just another level. Depends on where you are at fitness wise where you should start. Both will get you amazing results.

  • By Richard Salazar 17 Aug 2013

    Why are there 2 different choices on Friday? Are you suppose to do both or choose one of the two?

  • By Sandra Salazar 18 Aug 2013

    It suppose to do both!

  • By Carla Pletcher 18 Sep 2013

    I love Focus T25! This is my 3rd day working out to it and my body hurts in places that I never thought it could. But I do have a question, should I do Aplha and Beta and Gamma if I still have more weight to lose should I repeat the first two then do gamma or just do all 3 all over again?

  • By Miguel Carrasco 24 Sep 2013

    I would recommend you do Alpha, Beta, then Beta again if you are still dropping the weight. Then I would do Gamma afterwards. I've seen great results with a few people in our group doing it this way.

  • By Ryan Brazel 11 Oct 2013

    What are the injury percentages?

  • By Corey Cannon 13 Dec 2013

    is gamma part of the package

  • By Jlynn Spitz 29 Apr 2014

    Hi Miguel, I see that each DVD has two workout options. What is Total Body Circuit and should I be doing that as well as the first option such as Cardio, Speed I, etc? We're only supposed to do 25 minutes so when do we do the second video of each DVD? Thanks for your help.

  • By Holly Marie Lee 29 May 2014

    Would you reccomend this for the ladies?

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