Win A Copy of 21 Day Fix

21 Day Fix
Win A Copy of 21 Day Fix

Win A Copy of 21 Day Fix

I want to send you a free copy of 21 Day Fix!

21 Day Fix is coming on February 3rd, 2014. It is going to sell out rapidly, so if you want to get a copy, this is THE BEST WAY to get your hands on it.  21 Day Fix is awesome because every workout is only 30 minutes in length. It comes with 7 workouts, and also comes with the 7 portion control containers!

What’s even better? I have assembled a team of dream team coaches that are going to help you get INSANE results via a private Facebook Group! To be a part of this ELITE group that we will personally ensure gets INCREDIBLE results, all you need to do is enter the contest.

Enter To Win 21 Day Fix Today

Step 1. – Make me your FREE Beachbody Coach so that I can help you get the most out of P90X3 and your Beachbody workouts.  It takes 2 minutes. Click Here To Create FREE account.

Note: This contest is only open to new Beachbody Customers without a Beachbody Coach. If you do not have a coach, but have an account, Add Me On Facebook so we can connect!

Step 2. – Fill In The Form Below

Step 3. – Leave a comment on this page! Why should you win a FREE copy of 21 Day Fix? Why are you excited about 21 Day Fix?

Congratulations and good look! Winner will be contacted on February 2nd, 2014 and posted on our facebook page:

21 Day Fix Contest Rules

  • This contest is only open to my Beachbody Customers.
  • If you already have another Beachbody Coach, and are happy with them as your coach, PLEASE DO NOT enter the contest. If however you were assigned a random coach, or you never talk to your coach, and you need HELP with your workout programs, then PLEASE CONSIDER applying to join our Beachbody Challenge, THEN entering the contest.
  • There will be one winner for this giveaway. Winner will be selected and posted on Facebook at: on February 2nd, 2014.
  • No purchase necessary to enter contest.
  • Contest is not associated in any way with Beachbody or Team Beachbody.
  • Open to US and Canadian residents 21 years or older. Void where prohibited or restricted by US or Canadian law.
  • Winner will have to answer a skill testing question.
  • Winner will receive one copy of 21 Day Fix (Estimated Retail Value $60) once made a available for purchase by Beachbody.
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  • By Marie-Claude Gareau 28 Jan 2014

    That could help me out with my lack of motivation !!!

  • By Eva Molina 28 Jan 2014

    This Program, will be amazing for me, I have hyperthyroidism and, i get tired easy, just by doing 1 hour of work out. I do loss 10 pounds, just by counting calories at 1500 per day and divide on 6 sections or 5, I eat carbs on the morning and at night go light on food, I need work out, but my turbo fire and p90x are too much for me now.

  • By Jennifer Dan Van Regenmorter 28 Jan 2014

    I really got hooked on Beachbody when I did the reset. The best thing abou the rest for me was always knowing what I could and couldn't eat. To me this sounds so much the same and it includes some exercising. I can't wait!

  • By Dara Beth August Sorah 28 Jan 2014

    I always said that when I turn 40 I want others to say, she looks great for 40 and this October I will be 40 so it's time.

  • By Pam Nelson 28 Jan 2014

    Added this comment on Facebook. I am excited for a 30 min. workout with cardio and strength!

  • By Brittany Elaine Steffen 28 Jan 2014

    I want to take my fitness level to the next level.. I have done a lot of fitness programs and would really like to try this out!! Looks like hard work but fun and enjoyable at the same time!!

  • By Amber Kress 29 Jan 2014

    I really hope and pray that you pick me as your winner because I truly believe that this program, if you put your heart into it, anything can be accomplished and results will be achieved. I registered to win on the website and my screen name is dazzlingtnt ;) the main reason why I truly want to win is because of my family and also, my sister who yesterday was diagnosed as pre diabetic..I need to lose 20/25 and she needs to lose 80! pick me so I can be a light in her life and other surrounding me including my two little boys 2.

  • By Amber Kress 29 Jan 2014

    Also, only a few years ago I was 135/140. I personally want to lose 20/25lbs. My sister, olivia, is only age 25. She got diagnosed yesterday she was prediabetic. I need this, please pick me! Im very persistent and I will rock the 21 day fix program if u pick ME! I do not have a beachbody coach either

  • By Lisa Baumgartner 29 Jan 2014

    I would love to win this to get a handle on my emotional eating habits for good.

  • By Nichole Kenney 29 Jan 2014

    Fun to try an learn portion control

  • By April Black 29 Jan 2014

    My body NEEDS a change and a chance!!

  • By Ilona Niemczyk 31 Jan 2014

    I have a great friend who is a part of the Beachbody program and it has changed his life. I can't help but be inspired and encouraged by the continuous comments, pics, videos and stories that are online due to people changing their lives with Beachbody. I want to be a part of all of that, write my own story and truly make a fitness change for my life and for all those dear to me.

  • By Barbara Christman 31 Jan 2014

    Well my son is getting married this summer I would like to wear a pretty dress not a sack to hide my rolls he is the last of my children to get married Im 47 years old I think it is now my time !!! I was really excited when I read about this program Diet PORTION CONTROL containers yes !! I work alot of hours different shifts this is the answer what I need !!!

  • By Sophia ZareenBuksh Marcelo 01 Feb 2014

    I want to loose my last ten pounds . I've come so far of dropping 95 that I'm ready for the 21 day fix !!

  • By Zareena Buksh 01 Feb 2014

    No don't – u look fine don't loose anymore

  • By Tracy Williams Magnus 01 Feb 2014

    I really want to get toned and in shape. Now that my kids are 5+, it's ME time! I'd love to add this to my routine… it's just that added amount that I need, I know it!!

  • By Amy Orona 01 Feb 2014

    Holy crap …. U ready ?

  • By Tracy Williams Magnus 03 Feb 2014

    Ordered my copy today!!

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