10 Things Every Beachbody Coach Should Master

Become A Beachbody Success Story

There are a lot of things Beachbody Coaches need to be great at, but there are a few things that Beachbody Coaches need to master. When I first start working with my Beachbody Coaches, these are the 10 big things I try and make sure they remember throughout their journey.

  1. Master the Coach Online Office
    Learn to navigate the Coach Online Office. This is your bread and butter. So many coaches just ignore the Coach Online office and worry about everything else. I live in the Coach Online Office. Master it! Learn how to place your coaches, learn how
  2. Master Direct Link Creation
    Learn to create direct links to the exact products. People do not like options for the most part. They need to be told exactly what to do. Making links is explained by Beachbody in a PDF file that is hidden in the Coach Online Office, however it can get tricky. That's why I made Smart Coach for iPhone. It lets you make direct link, and email them right from the iPhone application with the fitness program description.
  3. Master Working Out and Eating Healthy
    Do your workouts like your business depends on it, because it does! With everything else you are doing, you are going to run out of time and some things will suffer. However, whatever you do, do not skip your workouts. The reason people come to you, find you, follow you, and contact you is because you are a role model for health and fitness.
  4. Master Social Media
    Social Media is your megaphone. You need to master Social Media. Social Media is your megaphone. As long as you are doing everything right, Social Media will amplify your efforts.
  5. Master Communication
    Become a great communicator. Communication is the foundation to everything. No matter what business you are in, if you can't communicate you are going to struggle. With Beachbody
  6. Master Personal Development
    I know it sounds silly to add in “Master Personal Development”, but it's true. Learn to make the most out of every hour of the day. On your way to work, listen to personal development audiobooks. Sitting in a plane? Read a personal development book. Have some free time in the evening? Chose to expand your skills and start applying the lessons you have learned.
  7. Master Filtering
    Filter potentials quickly. You have to get good at knowing when someone is serious and ready to go, thinking about it, or just not interested right now. Those are the three categories I use.
  8. Master the Phone
    Everyone is always so interested in automating their business. The reality is the best way to do well as a Beachbody coach is to take the time to talk to people on the phone or in person. I've met so many people that want to do well at Beachbody, but they tell me they don't want to get on the phone or meet people in person. They prefer to do everything online. Well I am sorry to say but that isn't going to work.
  9. Master K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid)
    Don't make it complicated. Beachbody can get complicated real fast. However, you need to keep things simple and add new things once a week. Don't try and do everything all at once.
  10. Master Branding Yourself
    If you want to become a 6 figure and above earner at any Network Marketing business, you are going to have to get really good at branding yourself.

There you have it folks. You master these 10 things, and you will not only become a great Beachbody coach, but you will also begin to earn some serious money.

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