Our First Focus T25 Beachbody Challenge Gets Incredible Results

T25 Workout

This week was the end of week 5 in our Focus T25 Beachbody Challenge. This ends the Alpha phase of the Focus T25 Challenge. How did the challengers make out? How did things progress?

Incredible Results After 5 Weeks of Focus T25

I'm just waiting on some permission to post some before and after pictures from some of our challengers, but get these results from Focus T25:

  • One lady lost 5 pounds in the first week, and lost 21 pounds after 5 weeks! BOOM.
  • People that were ready to quit, DID NOT QUIT! We kept them accountable and they kept pushing play!
  • I personally lost 8 pounds, then gained a few pounds of muscle. Never looked better.
  • A few people had summer vacation, and loved Focus T25 so much, that they took Shaun T with them!

I have to say, the Focus T25 Challenger Group is by far the best challenge I have ever run with Beachbody. The secret truly is that it only takes 25 minutes a day to get in the best shape of your life.

Why Should You Try Focus T25

If you haven't had a chance by now to read our Focus T25 review, or download the Focus T25 schedule, you have to do yourself a favor and watch the video below to see exactly how we kick start all of our Focus T25 Challenges. This is the level of commitment that we put into all our Focus T25 Challenge Groups! We love helping people get in the best shape of their lives, we love Shaun T, and we believe Focus T25 is the answer you have been looking for to get in the best shape of your life. To drop the extra pounds. To get healthy again! Check out the video below:

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