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Shaun T Focus T25

Shaun T Focus T25 Has Finally Arrived

I am so excited about Focus T25 I can't even explain it. Shaun T's Focus T25 combines all the good stuff from Insanity, Insanity: The Asylum, and all his best moves into killer 25 minute workouts. Focus for 25 minutes! I guess hence the name Focus T25. The Focus T25 results are amazing! When I was working out with Shaun T a few weeks ago, he explained the workout as “I packed everything I could from a one hour workout, into a 25 minute workout full of intensity!” The goal? Let you workout for only 25 minutes, but get the results you would normally get from a 60 minute workout. Focus T25 was born. I wrote a full Focus T25 Review for you to read as well that goes into all the detail.


Shaun T and Miguel - Focus 25
Shaun T and Miguel – Focus 25

Workout For Only 25 Minutes!

The secret is all in the focused movements, great intensity, for 25 minutes. If you can focus for 25 minutes, 5 days a week, you will get amazing results. The program was created for the busiest people, from CEO's, to busy moms, to dads that barely have time to sleep. I have seen the results from T25 and they are incredible.

Focus T25 Results
Focus T25 Results

Why T25 Works, and the Gym Doesn't

For most of you that try and lose weight by going to the gym, this is the workout for you! Why? Most times you spend 30 minutes getting to the gym, 10 minutes to change, workout for an hour, change again, and then drive home. By the time your back, you've spent 2 hours on one workout at the gym! And you are usually doing it on your own without any professional help! I'm sorry, but your results will be slow and you will be discouraged! Do that 5 to 6 times a week and you are looking at spending 10 to 12 hours a week working out! Pair this with a bulking stack for the men looking to really get beef and get the results you crave. With Focus T25, you are only turning on your TV, pressing play. That takes about a minute. Then you do a 25 minute workout, 5 times a week. That means in one week, you are only working out for an hour and a half!

Order Focus T25 Today

If you are ready to order Focus T25, here are the links! If you aren't ready yet, I would appreciate it if you added me as your FREE Beachbody Coach, so we can stay in touch. I am a certified Insanity Instructor, and I love helping people get in the best shape possible! There is not cost, you just need to make me your coach!

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