How To Save Money And Lose Weight

What If I told you that you could save money, save time, and lose weight at the same time? Sounds pretty crazy right? Well the reality is it's 100% true. It's so easy you might not even believe it when you read it.

What You Normally Spend on Lunch

If you are like most people, chances are you spend at least $5 on lunch, if you have an apple, a sandwich, and maybe a soda. If you are going out for lunch you probably spend between $10 and $20 on lunch. So what if I told you that you could cut down your lunch costs to $3 a day. What could you do with an extra $7 a day in your pocket? Or an extra $140 in your pocket? You could even replace a Tazo Chai Latte from Starbucks and still save yourself some money!

More Nutrition In Your Body

Lunch time is a critical time of the day to get some good nutrition into your body, yet so many people end up eating junk. You need to replenish your body with healthy food, and at the same time make sure you eat enough to keep you full. You see the main reason people gain weight and fail to lose weight, is their blood sugar levels fluctuate up and down all day long. Not enough sugar, too much sugar. Ever notice that when you have an “awesome” lunch, you get back to your desk and you “crash”. So what do you do? You go to the vending machine and buy a chocolate bar and feel fine for about 20 minutes, and then “crash” again. This is happening because you ate way too many carbohydrates and other sugars at lunch, causing your bodies blood sugar levels to rise, and then rapidly crash.

The Secret, My Secret

Buy Shakeology

The secret is Shakeology. Shakeology costs about $3 dollars a day for a full meal that will actually make you more full than anything else you could eat at lunch, and more importantly: It is super healthy for you! Because Shakeology has a really low glycemic index, you will actually feel better after lunch, and will not feel that “crash” effect you do with other meals. You can buy Shakeology in Chocolate, Tropical Strawberry, and Greenberry. There are even vegan options for the Chocolate and the Tropical Strawberry.

My Challenge To You

Here is my challenge to you. Buy your favorite Shakeology today. Replace your lunch with a shake for one month. Come back here and tell me in the comments how you did! I guarantee you that you will have lost a ton of weight, and more importantly, are feeling healthier and healthier every day. If for some reason you hate it, simply return it for a full refund. There is nothing to lose! You will save money and have more cash to use at the end of the month, you will be skinnier, and you will be healthier! I don't know what else to tell you folks. If you are on this website, you want to lose weight. This is how.


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