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Get Turbo Fire On Sale

Turbo Fire Workout Programs

Turbo Fire, the workout program that helped me lose 45 pounds in 90 days is now on sale for $160, and includes Shakeology! In essence you are getting Turbo Fire for $30! There are of course two ways to get Turbo Fire:

Turbo Fire is only on sale in August, so you will need to act fast if you want to get your hands on it. It is still my favorite workout Beachbody has ever released. Why? I love Chalene Johnson.

Does Turbo Fire Work?

Of course it works. I guess the question should really be “How Does Turbo Fire Work?” Turbo Fire utilizes High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT workouts. A Turbo Fire HIIT workout gets you working at your max potential for one full minute, and then gives you a full minute of rest. You alternate back and forth over the duration of the workout. The result is you can do a 25 minute workout, and still lose 800 calories in the day from that one workout.

Before And After Turbo Fire
Before And After Turbo Fire

Why Buy The Turbo Fire Challenge Pack?

The biggest issues people have with weight loss and a workout plan is nutrition. So while Turbo Fire alone will help you burn calories and tone your muscles, it alone will not make you lose weight. You need to eat healthier foods, and watch the amount and kinds of calories you are consuming.

Because most people find the nutrition aspects so hard, I always recommend my Turbo Fire Challengers get Shakeology. Shakeology is $130 per month, and at that price totally worth it because it will replace 30 meals, and give you a dense dose of your daily vitamins and nutrients your body needs to perform optimally. It can easily replace a 10 to 20 dollar meal, for less than the cost of a Starbucks Cappuccino.

Bottom line is if you want results, and struggle with nutrition, getting the Turbo Fire Challenge Pack is a no-brainer. And the Turbo Fire Challenge Pack Includes Shakeology.

How Do I Buy Turbo Fire?

Buying Turbo Fire from a Beachbody Coach like myself is the best way to get the program, regardless of what version you get. What I do as a coach is the best and most enjoyable part of your journey. I keep you motivated, on track, and on target to finish your program, and get the results you want! Here are some of the Turbo Fire workout program package options:

TurboFire Challenge Pack –> Order Here: $160 <– Best Deal
The TurboFire Challenge Pack Includes: Fire Starter, Low HIIT 20/25,  Fire 30/40/45/55, HIIT 15/20/25, and Stretch  10 (12 Workouts), TurboFire Class Schedule, Quickstart Guide, Fuel the Fire Nutrition Guide, Abs 10 DVD, Instant Streaming of Fire Starter Class, Bonus DVDs: Ab Igniter, Greatest HIITs, and Shakeology!

TurboFire Base Kit –> Order Here: $79.90
The TurboFire Base Kit is like the Challenge Pack, but it doesn’t include Shakeology or the Bonus DVDs. If you are tight on a budget, you can purchase this one, but after doing TurboFire and losing 45 pounds in 90 days, I have to be honest and say that Shakeology will increase your results by a massive factor. Also you will be missing the Bonus DVD’s.

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