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Does P90X Actually Work

What kind of results can you expect from P90X?

Let's be honest, the results you see on TV for P90X seem almost unbelievable in many cases. I mean seriously, who gets totally ripped like some of the people you see on the P90X infomercials in 90 days. In a quick 2 minute read I want to explain to exactly what Beachbody claims about P90X, how P90X really works, and what results you can expect to get from P90X. Once and for all, let's answer the question “Does P90X Actually Work?

How P90X Claims To Work

P90X uses something they call “Muscle Confusion” to blast your results into high gear. As most of you know, the main reason people stop getting results from workouts, is they plateau. That is to say, their bodies and muscles learn to adapt to the workout they are following, and thus, the gains and weight loss seem to stop. This causes people to get discouraged, and even quit their new fitness lifestyle all together.

P90X also claims it will maximize fat burning and muscle sculpting by utilizing short training cycles to challenge your muscles. You also get a detailed (very detailed) nutritional guide, and Tony is constantly encouraging you to eat in “technicolor”. There are three phases to the P90X Meal Plan: P90X Fat Shredder, P90X Energy Booster, P90X. I talk about all the details of P90X in my P90X Review, and you can download the full schedule in my P90X Schedule Guide.

How P90X Actually Works

By effectively providing you with different workouts throughout the three phases of P90X, Tony Horton does a great job confusing your muscles, and in essence, ensuring you achieve consistent weight loss and muscle growth for the duration of your 90 day program. The meal plan is incredible, and definitely works. You will not be hungry, which I think is a big part of following a nutrition guide for most people.

And the results are real. P90X was the third workout program I did with Beachbody, and I have to say the results were incredible. After completing TurboFire and losing 45 pounds in 90 days, P90X got me shredded. The P90X results speak for themselves. I even had the pleasure of working out with Tony Horton twice now. Once during a super workout.

P90X Review
P90X Review

How To Get P90X

There are many ways to get P90X, but I want to give you the most cost effective options, with some bonuses and 5 P90X Plus Advanced Workouts on 4 separate DVDs. Ok so the two best bonuses I can offer that you won't get anywhere else?

  1. Access To Our Private Beachbody Challenge Workout Group full of Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, P90X Graduates, and more. WE BRING IT!
  2. P90X ONE on ONE workout DVD workouts (two separate workouts)

So here are the two basic ways to get P90X that I recommend that will save you the most money.

P90X Challenge Pack –> Order Here: $205 (Includes Shakeology)

If you really are committed to BRING IT with Tony Horton, the P90X Challenge Pack is for you. It includes the entire workout program, 12 DVDs with the complete P90X system, 4 additional DVDs that include the P90X Plus Advanced Workouts, plus my two bonus DVDs fro the P90X ONE on ONE workout series! On top of it all, you will get a month supply of Shakeology of your choice: Chocolate, Vanilla, Greenberry, Vegan Chocolate, Vegan Tropical Strawberry. You pick! Because the hardest part of any kind of workout is nutrition (HANDS DOWN by a long shot, this is what people mess up), I always recommend people get this bundle because you save $65 by going with the P90X Challenge Pack.

P90X Extreme Home Fitness Base Kit –> Order Here: $119.85

This version of P90X is if you are on a budget! It still includes ALL THE BONUSES above, with the exception of Shakeology. So you get the 12 P90X DVDs, 5 P90X Plus Workouts (comes on 4 DVDs), and we throw in the 2 P90X One on One workouts for you to try out. Again, I will stress that the Challenge Pack is the best deal, but if you want to get started for a little over $100 bucks, BRING IT and let's do this!

Want To See The P90X Workout?

And last, for those that still have questions, here is Tony Horton on the Dr. Oz Show!

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