10 Ways To Sneak In An Extra Workout

One of the biggest challenges for a lot of people is finding time to exercise. This can be especially true when your first getting started and haven't really made fitness a part of your daily routine. So I wanted to give you 10 awesome ways that you can sneak in an extra workout without losing any time during your day:

10 ways to sneak in an extra workout

  1. Workout on the way to work
    Most of us drive, take a train, or a bus to work. What about running to work? Biking to work? Adding this simple workout to your day can burn an extra 300 to 600 calories a day.
  2. Workout at lunch
    Ok this is my secret weapon. Head to the gym if you can at 11am or 1pm instead of lunch. For lunch? I have a Shakeology shake. Pow, 50 pounds gone!
  3. Workout in the morning
    This one is fairly easy as long as you get to bed early. Simply set your alarm one hour earlier than your used to, and power through a 15 minute HITT workout.
  4.  Workout at work
    Another one of my secret weapons. Instead of walking to Tim Horton's if you are in Canada, or Starbucks, grab a glass of water, and GIVE ME 20! Seriously, do 20 or 30 push=ups, then maybe do a few lunges to get the heart rate going.
  5. Burn fat while standing in line
    I am addicted to this one, and you don't have to have everyone notice you're doing it. One of my favorites is tensing my abs, holding, then letting go. Shoulder shrugs, and others are un-noticeable. If you are feeling brave, start doing lunges. And give me a call so I can come watch.
  6. Exercise with Kids
    Strap on the kids, do some squats. Grab the stroller and go for a jog! Pushing two kids in a stroller at a fast pace burns the fat.
  7. Get more out of the treadmill
    I love to do punching and blocking on the treadmill. Adds a nice arm workout, and burns more calories. You can also grab a three pound weight and move your arms more when you run.
  8. Power up the stairs and escalators
    I've started doing this one and it's awesome. I always run up the escalators at work now, and run up the stairs. Same goes with the way down. Just be careful you don't run over someone standing there.
  9. Exercise while you watch TV
    Have the TV on? It's not that bad as long as you are MOVING. Get on a fitness ball, do some squats, move! Motion creates emotion, and burns fat.
  10. Make it a social thing
    Instead of going to the restaurant on a date, try heading to the gym! Play a game of Basketball or Volleyball. You'll find getting everyone's endorphins going isn't a bad thing for date night.

There you have it, if you follow these tips, you will melt off the fat. If you exercise once a day, and add a few of these tips, you will become a fat burning machine. I've calculated on average I am burning about 700 calories EXTRA a day than I was previously burning by just sitting on my ass. Become  a smart ass 😉

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