Smart Ass Fitness 001: Miguel Carrasco Tells His Weight Loss Story

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It has finally arrived! The first episode of The Smart Ass Fitness Podcast! Just press play above, or read my quick thoughts on this podcast, and press play at the end of this article.

I've made it really easy for you to listen to the podcast right here on our website. You can also download it to your computer or embed it in your own website! I want this podcast to reach as many people as possible, so just grab it, and share it with all your friends. Additionally, I will be submitting this podcast to iTunes soon so you can subscribe through there, but that's not ready to go yet.

During this first episode, I wanted to give you a flavor for what who I am, and why the heck I have gone crazy lately talking to everyone I can about fitness. I tell you the story of how I ended up in the hospital with blood pressure of 190 over 120, and felt like I was about to die. It's a pretty good story, and I'm hoping it helps many of you realize that you may not have as long as you think to get back into shape.

Make sure you listen right to the end so you can learn exactly why I have embarked on a personal mission to help end obesity in Canada. One if four Canadians is obese, and for a nation as intelligent and as rich in natural resources, and wealth, this is completely unacceptable. At the end of this inaugural episode, A special appearance by Flo, performing her beautiful song full of inspirational lyrics, “Butterfly“.

Future shows are going to have a more structure format where guests from all over the fitness world, as well as “real people” like you and I that have struggled, or are struggling to lose weight will talk about their success, and their battles with weight fitness, health and weight loss.

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