5 Ways To Motivate Your Beachbody Teams

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One of the biggest secrets to becoming a successful Beachbody coach is actually being able to motivate your team to take action. While 99.9% of you are so focused on recruiting new people into the business, you need to realize that the best way to grow, is actually to grow your existing team! Now this is much more than just a pat on the back and saying “Go team go!” as most people will eventually tire of that, and read right through you. What I am talking about is actually motivating your teams with transformational leadership. Creating an environment where your Beachbody team will succeed together by setting goals, and getting incredible results.

I was lucky enough to attend an executive MBA program at Queens School of Business focused on Transformational Leadership, and boy is this paying off with Beachbody Coaching. Stop whatever you are doing right now, turn off Facebook, turn off the TV, and play close attention to 5 things you need to be doing RIGHT NOW, no matter how small or large your Beachbody business is. Don't just read them. Internalize these quick points, and write down 5 things you are going to do this week to transform your business.

1. Create Team Comradery

The first thing you need to do when trying to establish yourself as a Beachbody team, is create great comradery amongst your team. This can be as simple as picking a team name and creating your own Facebook group. Even if you are part of a larger Beachbody team, I strongly suggest you take the time to build a team name, and a Facebook group for yourself and your team. This will allow you work together, focus on a clear set of goals, and create a great environment for your team to communicate and thrive together as Beachbody family.

2. Make Yourself Available

You need to be there for your team. They are looking to you for guidance and support. It doesn't matter if you are running a team with 3,000 coaches, or 1 coach. Everyone needs help. Do not rely on your upline sponsor to do things for you. You need to help them. This means giving them your cell phone number, your Facebook profile. You need to promote the fact that they can text or you call you any time. I help all of my coaches sign-up their first few coaches. This ensures that they will know how to do things properly in the future, and I know they will teach their new coaches to do the same thing. This is critical folks. If you are planning on being one of the top Beachbody coaches, you need to make yourself available.

3. Show Them Results

Not everyone is going to get amazing results day one. I am a firm believer that anyone can do the Beachbody business however some people will simply need more time to do some personal development before they come into their own and start landing coaches and challengers. Along the way you need to show them results. An excellent way of doing this is to jump on team calls with your Beachbody teams and show people results from other coaches on a weekly basis. This will keep your Beachbody team motivated because they will realize that other people that are no different than they are, are getting awesome results.

4. Don't Over Promise

When you are bringing new coaches into the business, it is critical that you don't over promise and later under deliver on those promises. Yes you will be excited at the prospect of having someone new join the business, but that will do you no good if in a few months they quit because they were promised something that was unrealistic. I say this to all my coaches, and I'll say this to you. The Beachbody Coaching Opportunity is a Marathon, it's not a 100 meter sprint. Can you get amazing financial benefits? You bet! Can you change the lives of thousands of people? Absolutely! Will you do it in the first month of the business? First year? First 2 years? Nobody really knows. It's all up to you! Don't promise them they will achieve any results because the reality is, you don't know if they think trying hard is working 2 hours a week at Beachbody, and trying hard to you means 60 hours a week. This business can be done with very little time every week, but just know that will obviously make things take a long time for you.

5. Focus on Making Them Successful

Stop focusing on yourself. If you are busy reading this post because you are focused on how you are going to be successful at Beachbody coaching, then you are missing the point. The reason you should be reading this post, and others on how to do well at Beachbody is so that your team can do well! In fact you should be sending your teams, and their teams to this article so they can build their teams in the correct manor.  You need to put 120% focus on making your team successful. Your number one goals should be “How do I make my team members more successful than me!” This means helping everyone on your team get to Emerald. Taking the Emerald Coaches to Ruby. Helping the coaches that want to get to Diamond, get there. It's not easy. You can't do it with just one call a week with your whole team on the call. You need to make it personal, and connect with the people that need it most.

Final Thoughts on Beachbody Coaching

Starting a business is scary. You need to realize that once people commit to starting a business, they have gone through a lot of thinking even before they decided to join your team. You need to honor that trust they have put into you, with their hard earned money and time they are about to pour into making their dreams come true. You need to push hard for them, work with them, and try and make them better throughout the journey. You need to learn along the way, and let them teach you about yourself, and your skills, and where you are lacking. Help your team succeed, and you will succeed. It's that simple. I hope this helps all of the Beachbody Coaches out there.


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