The Importance of Running Weekly Team Calls

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I can't tell you how important it is to run weekly team calls with your Beachbody coaching teams. It's a game changer. Even if you are part of a larger team, you need to start running team calls with your personally sponsored coaches and below or you are going to grow slowly. By having a team call, you create a platform to constantly stay in contact with your team, and create a comradery amongst your team. This gives you that platform to train your team, give them news and announcements you feel are important, and even provide an avenue for your team to invite other potential coaches to come and listen to you!

How To Run A Beachbody Weekly Team Call

In order to run a team call you are going to need some great software that makes it super simple for your team to connect, and watch replays of the meetings in case they miss the call. More on that in a bit. Also, you are going to want to create an agenda for the meeting so you stay on topic and on time, and lastly, you are going to want to prepare some slides, and make time before the call to get ready for the call. Remember, people are making time out of their day to come and listen to you! You need to make sure you make it valuable. This is your chance to get people fired up!

One of the most important things to do on a team call is motivate the team. A typical agenda i follow is to congratulate all the new coaches, rank advancements, and any special accomplishments. Once you are through with those, I always like to dive right into the steak. The meat of the call. I usually share tips on these calls that I feel will help push peoples businesses forward. I try and cut out all the fluff of the week, and create a really clear message that is actionable.

Find Great Meeting Software

People are going to be frustrated if they can't get on the call. This is actually the most important point to everything! You could have the best agenda, the most amazing presentation. But if you use software that is complicated, or people can't connect to on an iPad or iPhone for example, you are going to create a lot of unhappy team members.

Trust me when I tell you I have used every product under the sun for running meetings. Being in the IT industry for 15 years, I have seen everything. The one I keep coming back to lately is MeetingBurner. The reason it's the perfect meeting software for Beachbody coaches is it lets you start with a free account for up to 10 concurrent users. For most Beachbody teams starting out, this is more than enough to get you to a Diamond level Beachbody Coach. Once you are Diamond, you will likely be making enough money to afford the upgrade to the upgrade to the 50 concurrent user account. Ontop of it all, it is the easiest to use software out there. It's clean and simple, supports audio, video, screen sharing, webcam, chatting, and even some other really cool features.

The Features Are Amazing

Truth be told, the features are amazing with MeetingBurner. I wanted to keep it a secret in fact for my team because I feel it gives us a massive competitive edge. That would have been mean lol. MeetingBurner lets you share your screen with anyone without having them downloading any extra software. Not only that, but it actually works on iPad, iPhone, and even Android Phones! You can connect to the calls with just your computer, or you can dial in with the phone, or even Skype!

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Incredibly Easy User Interface

Building Your List

The other reason there is nothing else that beats MeetingBurner, is it allows you to build your email list. Build your email list? You bet! One of the most important things you can do as a Beachbody Coach is capture as many email addresses as you possibly can. As I always like to say, friends may come, and friends may go, but email lists last forever. MeetingBurner lets people register for the meeting with their email address, cell phone number, or even Facebook!

Final Thoughts On Team Calls

If you have read this far, I'm guessing you are actually serious about growing your Beachbody business and rocking Beachbody. If that is the case, you need to stop reading and take some action. Don't put off for tomorrow what you can do today. I wish you all the best luck. If you want to try MeetingBurner, you can try it here.

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