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Dominate Beachbody

The True Secrets To Beachbody Success

I wanted to take some time to share with you how I was able to become the first Canadian Diamond Beachbody Coach, and do it in 24 days, and continue to grow rapidly week after week. Now obviously Beachbody has the vital behaviors you must follow, so I won't go into detail on those, but I will go into detail on what they don't tell you.

1. Find a Great Team and Great Sponsor

As with anything in life, you are only as good as those you surround yourself with. The best tip I could give anyone, not just those looking to do incredibly well in Beachbody, but also those that are looking to do well in any area of their lives is: Surround yourself with people that are incredible. People that have achieved what you want to achieve, and feed off of their energy. This is incredibly important with Beachbody. You need to find a Beachbody team that is going to support your personal development, teach you everything there is to know about Beachbody Coaching, and help you build one of your legs! One of your legs? If you don't know what this means, YOU NEED A GOOD COACH.

2. Find Out Who You Are

You need to figure out what makes you unique. So many coaches keep asking me how I was able to achieve Diamond Status in 24 days, and then they try and do exactly what I did. Sounds reasonable. But the problem with this, is they are not me. They are who they are! One of the biggest reasons people fail to get results, is they try too hard to be someone they aren't. If they were simply the best person they could be, they would be shocked at how incredible the results would be for them. Some of you would be amazing Fit Club focused Beachbody Coaches. I could never do that. I love doing the workouts, but the thought of organizing Fit Clubs on a regular basis just makes my stomach churn and I'd get bored. For me, I had done marketing, branding, and social media for years for top fortune 500 companies, so the natural play was to focus my Beachbody Coaching growth efforts on this area.

3. Build Leaders Fast

If you are expecting to grow fast, you need to build leaders fast. My Beachbody Coaching team is blowing up right now! If I hadn't taken the time to train some of my top coaches along the way to be their own rock stars, I would have never been able to sustain the growth that I've experienced. This is actually the hardest part of building a successful Beachbody business. Many people will take years in Beachbody to learn to build leaders, and spend much of their time in personal development learning how to build leaders. I was fortunate enough to take an executive MBA program focused on Transformational Leadership at Queens School of business that has paid for itself 100 times over.

4. Spend Time Learning Beachbody Before Selling or Recruiting

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they get started is they get super excited about the Beachbody business opportunity, and then go out and try and get everyone around them to join the opportunity. The problem with this, is you know very little about Beachbody! Even if your excitement gets others excited, they will want to ask questions and you won't know the answer! And if you don't know the answers, your chances of bringing someone into the business, or helping someone find the best Beachbody Challenge Pack, is going to be slim to none. I know you are excited about Beachbody, but learn more about Beachbody before you head out there and try and sign-up everyone on your block.

5. Fail Fast

When I first started asking people if they wanted to join Beachbody, I had about 10 people say they wanted to just go to the gym, and another 10 say they weren't interested in becoming coaches. It made me sad. But guess what. I moved on. I lived. Seriously though, many people take this the wrong way and stop dead in their tracks. This is why so many people quit! Could you imagine if I had quit after 5, or 10, or 15 “no man, no thanks”. I would have never become a Diamond Beachbody Coach in 24 days! I realized that every time I heard a “no”, it just meant I was one step closer to hearing “yes!”. And guess what, even the “no”‘s turned into “yes” after a few months. I mean, once you see my Facebook wall, you realize that Beachbody is the real deal!

6. Don't Start Recruiting Your Family and Friends

So the sad reality is that for many of us, your close friends and family see you as something already, and no matter what you do, they are going to always see you as the Software Guy, or the Marketing Guy, or the Director of Finance Lady. And if you are in a tough spot financially, your friends and family are going to never believe you that you are in a good opportunity if they know you as the person that never has any money. I know, this is a harsh one, but it's the truth.  The best strategy to get going, is to AVOID them until you get great success. Once you have the success, and you don't really need them involved, then you can approach them and see if they might want to join Beachbody Coaching.

7. Steady Progress is the Key

While everyone wants to get out to an incredible start, steady progress is really the key when it comes to building a Beachbody empire. Hit Success Club! You need to at least hit Success Club 5, and Success Club 10 if you can every month in order to ensure you will have success in Beachbody. This ensures you are always adding new challengers to your team, new coaches. This works for so many reasons! Your existing coaches will see new coaches being added. Your team will get new and excited blood injected. You will have a new coach with new contacts that can add many new coaches to your team.

Some Final Thoughts

I'm so thrilled so many of you are so excited about being Beachbody Coaches. I want you to do incredibly well, and get the rewards, recognition, and financial freedom I'm experiencing now thanks to all the hard work I put into growing my Canadian Beachbody Team. If you follow these 7 rules, you will dominate Beachbody, and get the results you have been looking for. Dream the extreme!


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Canada's first and only 4x Elite Beachbody Coach, Member of The Millions Club, Coach Advisory Board Member, Beachbody Leadership Award Recipient. Let me help you get in the best shape of your life. Add me on Facebook if you'd like to chat about Beachbody. I'm here to serve you and help you!

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