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What is the Alpha Phase?

Focus T25 Alpha
People keep asking me the very specific details of the Alpha Phase of the Focus T25 program, so I wanted to take some time and explain to you what it's all about. The Alpha Phase of Focus T25 is all about focusing on the foundation. When i was talking with Shaun T last week, he said Alpha was all about focusing on what you are doing, and getting the form down correctly so you can take things up a notch in the Beta Phase of Focus T25. So note: It's not about how fast you can do the moves or how many reps you can do. It's all about proper form. Form will get you the results with Focus T25.

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Workouts Included in Focus T25 Alpha

Ok so let's take some time to go through the DVD's. The Alpha phase of Focus T25 includes 5 workouts that you do in different orders, and a stretch day on Sunday's. Saturday is your rest day. If you want to see the Focus T25 Schedule, check it out here.

Focus T25 Cardio

Cardio is a great way to start your Focus T25 journey. Here you will learn some of the basic moves, and get your body ready to start burning fat. At the end of this workout, you will be covered in sweat, and you will burn a ton of calories.

Focus T25 Speed 1.0

Speed is important. You need to work your body in a different way to increase speed. Speed means you burn more calories, and your body is more effective with everything it does. Fire up your quickness and burn a ton of fat. This is a fast paced workout that will get you fast results.

Focus T25 Total Body Circuit

If you want to get strong, you need to do Total Body Circuit. Total Body Circuit focuses on resistance and strength. Shaun T will have you getting down on the floor, doing some yoga, touching your shoulders in plank, and getting you moving with all sorts of fun squat jumps. Be warned I find this to be the hardest of the Alpha Phase workouts, so make sure you bring the most energy and power to this workout,

Focus T25 Ab Intervals

Everyone wants a killer midsection. This is how you get it. Ab Intervals will build the muscle you need in your core to live a long, happy life, while at the same time working your cardio so you can shred the weight and fat that is hiding those Abs.

Focus T25Lower Focus

What the heck is Lower Focus? Lower focus forces you to work your lower body. This is a huge benefit of training with Shaun T at home. Most people have no idea how to get their lower body working correctly during exercise. This will rip up your legs, your quads, and give you that butt you have always wanted. The other bonus is if you can exhaust your lower body, your metabolism will go into overdrive.

Get Focus T25 Today

I'm sitting here writing this review hoping you give this workout a try. Why? Because it will change your life and your perception of a home workout. 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week, you will get yourself in the best shape of your life in 50 days! Who doesn't have 50 days? No magic pills that don't work here. Just hard work, 25 minutes a day, for 50 days.

And make sure you make me your Beachbody Coach so I can add you into our Facebook group. Wish you all the best with Focus T25!

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