Focus T25 Review

Focus T25 Review

Focus T25 Review

The Honest Focus T25 Workout Review

T25 Reviews

My name is Miguel Carrasco, that’s me on the right with Shaun T right after a Focus T25 workout. After reading other T25 reviews that were all pretty much terrible sales pitches, I decided to write an honest review for you. I’m going to tell you exactly when you should do Focus T25, and when Focus T25 might not be for you. By the way, please don’t be shy and add me on facebook if you want to talk to a real human being about Focus T25! I’d be happy to answer all your questions, and even coach you every step up the way on your Focus T25 10 week journey!

I’ve done two rounds of Focus T25 and I know what is great about Focus T25, and what is not so great about Focus T25. That’s why I decided to write this T25 review. The main reason I decided to try the workout was because I couldn’t believe you could get these kinds of results, working out only 25 minutes a day. Sounds unbelievable right? I thought so to.

What You Need To Know Before Buying Focus T25 Anywhere Else

One thing nobody is going to tell you before you buy Focus T25, is selecting your coach before you buy the Focus T25 Workout is critical to your success. I literally get hundreds of people a week asking me for tips, advice, motivation, and support but I can’t help them because they already have an existing coach that may not be answering their questions.

You see, Beachbody randomly assigns everyone that buys Focus T25 a coach. However some coaches are unresponsive or inactive. When you order Focus T25 from this site, I will send you bonus workouts, plus you will be added to my free Focus T25 private support group on facebook. You will get access to me on private facebook message, and I will ensure you are successful. Support is everything when it comes to home workouts.

You can order Focus T25 Challenge Pack for $205 right from this site – Order Here
Remember the Challenge Pack includes a Shakeology Bag of your choice, bonus workouts, and $2 shipping so it is the best deal going for Focus T25.

Alternatively, you can get the Focus T25 Base Kit for $119.85 – Order Here - Does not include Shakeology or Shipping.

NOTE: Make sure you see “Miguel Carrasco” as your coach referral. If you don’t see my name, press “Select a Different Coach” otherwise you will be ordering from a random coach. If you still have issues, just add me and send a message on Facebook and I’ll get it changed for you.

Focus T25 Coach

When You Should Get Focus T25

So does T25 work? I’m going to be honest, Focus T25 will help you drop weight fast, however there are some things I found with the workout you need to be aware of!

First off,  if you are a beginer to intermediate, you will lose weight very quickly! If you are looking to lose 20+ pounds, there is no better way than to do Focus T25 for 10 weeks. I’ve never heard of a program that will have you drop the fat quicker than T25, in just 25 minutes a day. It simply works!

For beginers, it might just be the perfect workout because it comes with one of the best low impact modifiers out there! The entire time, you can watch Tania as she modifies every movement so you can get the same high intensity workout, with low impact movements. This works great if you have bad knees, or a lot of weight to lose and need to start from ground zero.

Focus T25 is an amazing workout if you are a beginner looking to drop 30 to 50 pounds and you haven’t been exercising. This is honestly the go to workout I recommend my friends and my clients if they haven’t done a thing yet, and want to drop weight quickly. There is no faster way in less time to drop 30 to 50 pounds.

When You Shouldn’t Get T25

However, if you are already in mediocre to decent shape and just need to drop 10 to 20 pounds, and looking to some nice muscle definition, Focus T25 is not your workout. Focus T25 is primarily a cardio workout with some strength training. If you want to lose the last 10 to 20 pounds, then what you actually need is P90X3. P90X3 focuses more on muscle building to lose the fat, which gives you a more toned, muscular look.

Now if you totally hate Tony Horton, and love Shaun T, then you definitely want to get your hands on the Focus T25 Gamma Series. The Gamma series adds much more weight and strength training to your 25 minute workouts. If you are an intermediate, you could do the 10 weeks of Focus T25 Alpha and Beta, and then move onto Gamma.

How long is Focus T25?

Let’s get into some details. First, Focus T25 takes only 25 minutes per day. The whole point of Focus T25 is to cram an hour worth of a workout into 25 minutes. In order for Shaun T to make this happen, he had to figure out a way to get people to “focus” for 25 minutes. That is why the program is called Focus T25. This new Shaun T workout program is also only 5 days a week. On Saturday you check your progress with a quick update on your stats, and Sunday you do some stretching. There is an optional “doubles” Friday, where you do two workouts on Friday’s. The Focus T25 Review was needed because people kept asking more and more questions about T25. Is it really just 25 minutes a day? YES!

Focus T25 Review

What is the Focus T25 Schedule?

There are two phases to Focus T25 workout schedule. Alpha is month one of preparing your body with the foundation. Alpha teaches how to work, focus, and move your body. Beta is month two, and all about the core. Core strength, core speed, core moves.

As you can see below, I have created a printable Alpha Phase workout schedule for you as well. Feel free to click the image below, print, and keep it while you wait for your Focus T25 workout program to arrive.

Focus T25 Schedule - Alpha Phase

Focus T25 Schedule – Alpha Phase

The Focus T25 Beta phase kicks things up a level and turns Focus T25 into Insanity Focus T25. I’m not kidding. If you are an INSANITY graduate, you as might as well start with the Beta stage of Focus T25. Here is the Focus T25 Beta Schedule.

Focus T25 Beta Schedule

Who is Focus T25 For?

When I wrote this Focus T25 review, I wanted to make sure it was clear that Focus T25 is for those people that are looking for Insanity results, but only working out 25 minutes a day. It is for everyone. Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, it doesn’t matter you can do this workout.

In fact, someone asked during a live Beachbody chat with Shaun T “I am a 60 year old grandma who is out of shape. Can I do Focus T25?” and Shaun T said absolutely. Focus T25 has a modifier so you can watch Tania, and follow her, and she will keep it low impact, and get you in great shape and achieve incredible results with T25.

Focus T25 Results

Is Focus T25 Like Insanity?

Focus T25 is not like Insanity. Focus T25 is a completely focused workout where you will be focusing on specific muscles and body parts hard. Now if you are more asking, is Focus T25 fun like Insanity, I would have to say it is more fun than Insanity because you will be covered in sweat, but at the same time you will only need to work for 25 minutes. Focus T25 is not easy, but it also isn’t a 60 minute or 90 minute workout like Insanity or P90X. If you can focus for 25 minutes, you can do Focus T25

How Can I Buy Focus T25?

If you want to get a copy of Focus T25, I beg you to add me on Facebook first so we can chat and make sure that Focus T25 is right for you.

I’m a Certified Insanity Instructor and a Beachbody Coach so I can help you with any program you chose. Focus T25 is available in a few options, and you will not find Focus T25 cheaper anywhere else. Let me give you the three different ways you can buy Focus T25.

Focus T25 Challenge Pack –> Order Here: $205
You save over $85 with this pack compared to buying each item separately.
The Focus T25 Challenge Pack Includes: Alpha, Beta Phases of the workout (10 DVDs), Quick Start Guide, Get It Done Nutrition Guide, Workout Calendar, Stretch Workout, 5 Day Fast Start, 15 pound resistance bands, Bonus DVD Core Speed Workout, and Shakeology! For only $40 more than the Base Kit as it includes FREE SHIPPING, you get Shakeology (Normally $130).

Focus T25 Base Kit –> Order Here: $119.85
The Focus T25 Base Kit is like the Challenge Pack, BUT it doesn’t include Shakeology. If you are tight on a budget, you can definitely purchase this one, but after doing Focus T25 myself, I have to be honest and say that Shakeology will increase your results by a massive factor.

Focus T25 Gamma –> Order Here: $59.85
The Focus T25 Gamma is an optional DVD set that is not part of the main Focus T25 workout. It was created as an add-on to Focus T25 for those people that always ask “What’s next” after they finish a workout program. The focus of this 20 day cycle is to carve lean muscle. The Focus T25 Gamma workouts include: Rip’t Up, Extreme Circuit, The Pyramid, PURE GAMMA Calendar, and Speed 3.0 Workout.

T25 Schedule

What T25 Results Did My Challengers Get?

I’ve helped over 1,000 people get incredible results with Focus T25 since it’s release. Here is just one quote from a real person so you can decide if T25 is the workout for you.

“I tried the Insanity program last Winter and because I was pretty out of shape I found it very difficult. I ended up making it half way through, but then after sustaining an unrelated injury I had to take a break. Fast forward 15 months and about 10 additional pounds, I had to do something. I wanted a program that was not as hard as Insanity. I loved Shaun T so, I ordered Focus T25 and started it 1 1/2 weeks ago. The 1st week I loosely followed the 5 Day Fast Track eating plan and ended up losing 3 lbs and 6 inches overall. So far this week I am down another 1.6 lbs. I find the workouts challenging, but not impossible. They are definitely FUN and keep you moving. In my house, I do the workouts with my two kids as well, and they love to watch and sometimes join in. Also, I have started a whole new relationship with water. I drink 80 ounces a day. Hope my review helps you decide if this program is right for you.” – Daniel Senes

Focus T25

Can I see a Focus T25 Workout?

What Focus T25 review would be complete without a view showing you Focus T25 in action? I was able to get an exclusive 10 minute sneak peak of Focus T25, which you can check out below. Also if you like we have a ton of more information on this site for T25, including the Focus T25 Schedule, Focus T25 Results, T25 Gamma Phase Review, and Focus T25 vs Insanity.

Smart Ass Fitness
Miguel Carrasco - Star Diamond Beachbody Coach
Canada's first 5 Star Diamond Beachbody Coach and founder of Team Smart Ass Fitness. Let me help you get in the best shape of your life. Marketing, Technology, and Social Media Expert. You can find me on Google+ or Facebook if you'd like to chat about Beachbody. I'm here to serve you and help you!


  • By Kayla Nichole Håvarstein 24 Jun 2013

    according to the website, the gamma DVDs aren't included and costs an extra $60

  • By Miguel Carrasco 25 Jun 2013

    That's correct the Gamma DVD's are more for maintenance. I wouldn't recommend buying them until you finish the 50 days, but you can buy them here:

  • By Miguel Carrasco 26 Jun 2013

    Because it is pretty intense, I usually recommend the 15 pound dumbbells, but if you can do 20 pounds with Asylum, that should be good for this workout. You will also get the resistance bands included.

  • By Becca Lois Stephen 26 Jun 2013

    This says 50 days but 10 weeks is longer. Can you cut down on rest days if you are pressed for time?

  • By Miguel Carrasco 27 Jun 2013

    I wouldn't recommend it. The rest and the stretching actually will speed up your results. If you skip them, you will likely get susceptible to injury which could sideline you for weeks/months, and your body won't be able to recuperate.

  • By Andre Vasquez 27 Jun 2013

    why isn't it 90$.

  • By Jennifer Yezik 29 Jun 2013

    the workout schedule looks like Fridays are 2 sessions. Are those days 50min vs the advertised 25min/day?

  • By Miguel Carrasco 01 Jul 2013

    You don't have to do both workouts on Fridays. I didn't when I ran through the program. It's more of a bonus if you are feeling strong.

  • By Dana Shehane 01 Jul 2013

    Thanks for the review. I just ordered the program & I am so excited to start!

  • By Silvana Arevalo OBrien 03 Jul 2013

    are you gonna post a gamma schedule as well?

  • By Miguel Carrasco 04 Jul 2013

    Congratulations! Make sure you join our Focus T25 Challenge group on facebook:

  • By Miguel Carrasco 04 Jul 2013

    Yes that is the plan! I have to create them from scratch as BB doesn't allow us to scan their workouts in.

  • By Preston Chibana 04 Jul 2013

    Thanks for the review! Found this today and decided that this is really a workout I can fit into my day! This is my first DVD workout program, any suggestions on what I need to start?

  • By Jonathan Coen 05 Jul 2013

    How many of the workouts use the resistance bands and dumbbells? I know you get the resistance band with the package, but I dont have dumbbells of my own…just trying to figure out if I need to buy some or if I should just wait.

  • By Marques Burgess 05 Jul 2013

    say I buy the base kit do I need to buy the gamma one too or no?

  • By Miguel Carrasco 05 Jul 2013

    You don't need the Gamma. Gamma is an optional workout that was meant more if you like the style of Focus T25, and want to gain larger muscles and more strength, it is a great one to build that up. Personally I bought Focus T25 Challenge Pack because it came with Shakeology and was only $40 more, and then I got gamma after making sure I enjoyed T25.

  • By Kristin Briar 05 Jul 2013

    I have completed the INSANITY program twice and I have lost a total of 90 lbs. I still have another 15 lbs I would like to loose and I would like to tone. I have been trying to alternate P90x and INSANITY to get the results I am looking for, but after reviewing the T25 preview video I think this may be what I am looking for. I absolutely love Shaun T and am an INSANITY girl at heart, I purchased the program hoping Shaun and his girl Tonya can motivate me one more time to get to where I have always dreamed. Thank you Shaun & all BeachBody Coaches please keep motivating us!

  • By Kristin Roemer-Roseo 06 Jul 2013

    Ordered it today. Psyched to get started!!!

  • By Donald Irvine 06 Jul 2013

    I have ordered the T25 and waiting for delievery. Mt Son and I have both completed Insanity.

  • By Miguel Carrasco 07 Jul 2013

    Can't wait to have you in our Challenge Group!

  • By Miguel Carrasco 07 Jul 2013

    Sounds exciting! Hope to see you in our Challenge Group!

  • By Miguel Carrasco 07 Jul 2013

    You will get there Kristin! Make sure to add me as your Beachbody Coach and join our Focus T25 Challenge Group!

  • By Miguel Carrasco 07 Jul 2013

    Make sure you join join the Challenge Group so you get the best results possible!

  • By Starlene Angel-Husk 07 Jul 2013

    I ordered the Gamma set of DVDs. It did not say on the BB website that this was for after. Will I still get results just by using the Gamma set?

  • By Michael Denman 07 Jul 2013

    I have had a hip replacement and was wondering if this is to high of impact like jumping. Can I substitute jumping type of exercise in this vedio with lower impact?

  • By Kelly Markel 07 Jul 2013

    Just ordered the challenge pack and I'm so excited to get started! I've completed Insanity and Asylum I in the past but have fallen back into some not great habits. I'm the maid of honor in my sister's wedding in September and don't want to feel the way I do about myself on that day as I do right now. Since I adore Shaun T so much and have been super pressed for any free time lately, Focus T25 seemed liked a perfect fit to get myself back in gear! Plus I can't wait to try Shakeology :)

  • By Eric Hollingsworth 08 Jul 2013

    Great question Starlene. T25 is a non-linear program, meaning that you can start at any phase. Jsut remember that the Gamma Phase incorporates light weights into the routine. I have not tried it yet, but from what ShaunT explained to me at the SuccessClub conference at Disney a few months back, it appears to be similar to the LesMills Combat Upper Body Blowout.

  • By Miguel Carrasco 09 Jul 2013

    Awesome looking forward to having you in our Focus T25 Challenge Group! It's game time!

  • By Miguel Carrasco 09 Jul 2013

    Hi Michael! There is a modifier that will allow you to do it low impact without any jumping. That said, when i did the workout live with Shaun T after the Insanity Certification, you will still get AWESOME results and burn fat like mad.

  • By Tammy Greaves 09 Jul 2013

    Hi there, do you alternate between beta and alpha on a weekly basis, not sure how it works?

  • By Jeanette Hurdle 09 Jul 2013

    I had to stop my Insanity program after almost completing the first month due to extreme shin splints and sharp pains. Would I still get the same benefit with the alternate low impact exercises in the T25?

  • By Miguel Carrasco 10 Jul 2013

    Hi Jeanette! Yes T25 was designed with a modifier in mind. I'm sure you remember Tania "The Machine" from Insanity. She is the modifier in T25 and you still get the same benefits. It's all about focus, form, and later speed with T25. Just follow Tania, and you are good to go!

  • By Troy Roberts 10 Jul 2013

    I’m intrigued by Focus T25, but do have some questions about it. Just as a quick synopsis, this year I’ve completed two rounds of Insanity, one round of Asylum Volume 1 and one round of Asylum Volume 2. I’m currently doing a P90X/Asylum 2 hybrid and feel like I’m close to being in the best shape of my life. I guess my question is, will I be really challenged by Focus T25? I’m in what I would consider to be pretty good shape (I can make it through most of the Insanity month one workouts without stopping, and only have to stop a handful of times for short breathers during X Trainer, which I consider to be the hardest of the Insanity/Asylum workouts) and don’t know if this is worth the investment. I’m a huge advocate of BeachBody products and Shaun T in particular, but don’t know if this is necessarily for me. Thanks!

  • By Scot Holladay 10 Jul 2013

    I am confused when I look at the schedule. It has two listed work outs for fridays. Should we do both or pick one?

    I am waiting for my order to come in, and I assume it'll explain there, but I am just trying to prepare myself.


  • By Miguel Carrasco 11 Jul 2013

    Hi Troy! Thanks for the info. I would say you are a perfect candidate for the Focus T25 Pure Strength Hybrid workout. The workout schedule is the hardest I've seen, and it would challenge you and give you a run for your money. As you probably know, once you are in great shape, you want to always grow and also, not get bored. So T25 Pure Strength Hybrid would challenge you, give you an extra shot of confusion to your system, and also give you something new to do. You would definitely see improvements and wouldn't find it "easy". It includes workouts from Alpha, Beta, and Gamma to create a killer workout.

  • By Miguel Carrasco 11 Jul 2013

    Hi Scott,

    The second workout is an "optional" workout on Friday. So for optimal results, Shaun T recommends you do two workouts on Friday, and if you can't do two on Friday, then you do one on Friday, one on Saturday.

  • By Miguel Carrasco 11 Jul 2013

    Alpha is a set of workouts that are used during the first 4 weeks, and beta is the second stage of workouts you use during the last 4 weeks.

  • By Mendy Onoff Ault 14 Jul 2013

    I am a 48 year old female who hasn't worked out in about 15 years. I am overweight and looking to get into better shape. Is T-25 a good choice, or is it designed for a younger, more fit person?

  • By Annette N Gabriel 14 Jul 2013

    I used to have shin splints as well, but ever since I tried Dr. Scholl's®Active Series™ Insoles, the pain disappeared, highly recommend the insoles

  • By Miguel Carrasco 14 Jul 2013

    Focus T25 is not for everyone, but it is definitely for you. First of all, 48 is YOUNG! T25 has modifiers that you can do. Every move is shown with the modifier, so it's very easy to watch the lady and still get an amazing workout, with lower impact movements, until you feel comfortable to try a few jumps! You will love it. This program was DESIGNED for you. Alpha gets you started, Beta gets you moving faster! My team also runs "Beachbody Challenge Groups" every 30 days, so you can join us and workout with a group of people that include Insanity Certified Instructors, Nutritionists, and more! If you have more questions, just let me know! Hope I helped.

  • By Kovács Gábor 15 Jul 2013

    Interestingly, I do my workouts using Vibram Fivefingers which we all know is about 2-3mm thick. Obviously, I have to land softly in a really controlled manner but after a few jumps and careful attention I learnt how to land as I felt it, it hurt right away I missed the landing, it is almost like you are barefoot, but you are not. You cannot feel that in sport shoes and you hit your feet to the floor quite firmly. I am not saying this is for everyone but it's been working for me. Additionally, I always use exercise mat (5mm thick) and working out on laminated floors with adequate soft bedding.

  • By Genesis Javier 16 Jul 2013

    hey I have a question for the friday schedules of the program. For one friday it says Upper Focus & Core Cardio. Do you do both? or pick one?

  • By Heather Worley Torrance 16 Jul 2013

    Is any equipment needed other than the resistance band that it comes with? (Weights, for instance.) We want to start this while we're on vacation, but obviously won't be packing our weights with us.

  • By Miguel Carrasco 16 Jul 2013

    You would do both if you can make it through the workouts! They focus on different muscle groups so you should be able to get through, as long as you have the time! If not, you can always do the second workout on Saturday or Sunday!

  • By Miguel Carrasco 18 Jul 2013

    You don't need anything at all other than the bands that come with it! You can use weight if you like, but the bands are almost better, and easy to pack! Enjoy your vacation and pack T25 with you. Comes in a great travel pouch.

  • By Dan Seutter 19 Jul 2013

    Is the T25 good fo building muscle mass or only to burn fat and tone up?

  • By Nick Beerbower 19 Jul 2013

    I bet we know someone who could answer that…

  • By Brianna Brennan 19 Jul 2013

    It's more for burning fat and toning your muscles but it looks like a really good program for that! I am hoping to try it out at some point myself.

  • By Miguel Carrasco 20 Jul 2013

    It is really good for both! I've been doing it now for three weeks and my muscle mass has increased, and I'm burning fat like a mad man. It's designed to burn fat, tone up, and gain muscle mass. The best 25 minutes of your day!

  • By Cassandra Kay Liu 24 Jul 2013

    I was a cheerleader and completely destroyed my knees. Would I still be able to do this. And how hard is it to do it with a young child running around the house?

  • By Rexanne Hendrickson 26 Jul 2013

    The video won't play.

  • By Miguel Carrasco 26 Jul 2013

    Try again i should work!

  • By Miguel Carrasco 26 Jul 2013

    There is a modifier in the workout program, so if you follow her, you should be able to do he workouts without any issues. That said I don't know what "destroyed" knees means so you definitely want to talk to your doctor :). If you follow the modifier, i can be very low impact and still maintain its high intensity!

    Not sure about your young child either :) My two kids run around and I can still get it done! Depends on the kids I guess. Hope you can do it!

  • By Jaime D. Adorno 26 Jul 2013

    Friday workouts of alpa are doubles, have to do both suggested workouts?

  • By Miguel Carrasco 29 Jul 2013

    You can do them all on the same day, or if you want to keep to the 25 minutes a day, you can do the second workout on Saturday or Sunday, whatever works best for you! Some people do one workout in the morning, and the other after work.

  • By Melody Carroll 06 Aug 2013

    What is Shakeology? Deciding on which package to buy.

  • By Jason Guffey 06 Aug 2013

    Only the best bomb-diggidy in a glass ever! We LOVE IT!

  • By Miguel Carrasco 07 Aug 2013

    Shakeology is a rich combination of fruits and veggies and protein that combine to make the healthiest meal of the day. You can read more about it and get a sample at:

  • By Wilson Kendra 30 Aug 2013

    Man, Shaun T's Focus T25 is nothing short of amazing. Got the program from Amazon and I am so happy. If you are thinking about getting a great workout that pays dividends, Focus T25 is the way to go. Check out the video:

  • By Keri Thompson 20 Sep 2013

    These are the same prices as tv. There is no deal here.

  • By Stephen Sarpong 20 Sep 2013

    So this is like a "Beginner" workout for those who would like to work there way up to Insanity?

  • By Miguel Carrasco 21 Sep 2013

    Huge difference. I run a 60 day Challenge Group and train with you every day with my top coaches to keep you on track and accountable. Also, the Focus T25 Challenge Pack includes Shakeology, the entire workout program, for $205. Huge deal compared to buying it separate.

  • By Miguel Carrasco 21 Sep 2013

    It's a different workout. Same trainer, different workout. Focus T25 is more if you want to lose weight and gain muscle quickly. Insanity is more of an Athletic workout if you want to train like a football player and get into great athletic shape with 60 minute workouts.

  • By Melissa Gunther Ogunsuyi 05 Oct 2013

    Is this really 25 min warm up and cool down everything? Oh and can this be done with just the band wo weights?

  • By Miguel Carrasco 12 Oct 2013

    Hi Melissa, there is a separate 2 minute cool down at the end, but the entire workout with warm up is 25 minutes. All you need is the bands. I have some weights I used. Got them at a Yard Sale for 2 dollars :)

  • By Sherman A Reaper 03 Nov 2013

    I have perhaps a question you hear always but I am 50 years old and now weigh 370 and am 6'1" I have always been active all my life but now after three surgeries on my hands and depression etc setting in I have balooned up and lack motivation to even get out of bed to go to work. I was thinking what to do see therapist etc just really dont know what would be best. Seems like everything hurts these days just to walk or anything and now have limitations at work. after delivering mail for 30 years have been out on dissability for over a year and now am on permanent light duty where I am a lobby director. So I am trying to do what is best to get out of this deporession and get my life back on track. Saw your infomercial and thought well let me ask. I still have wife and two kids living at home along with my twop beautiful grand babies so my problem is also finding something that isnt going to cost me money I really dont have to spend and then for it not to work just make me more depressed. Anyways sorry for being so winded but needed somewhere to get it out and saw this forum so if any ideas I would greatly appreciate it

  • By Miguel Carrasco 10 Nov 2013

    Sorry to hear your struggles Sherman. I would definitely say that exercise and nutrition can play a huge role in helping you get back on track. Wether you decide to run, workout at a gym, or at home, you need to get moving. Nutrition will also be key for you! Feel free to add me on facebook at:

  • By Elizabeth Warren 20 Dec 2013

    Hi. I am an Insanity fanatic and marathon runner. I run approximately 40-50 miles per week along with the Insanity workouts. I find myself losing time and I really like having 2 workouts every day. My runs take, well, as long as they take depending on the day. Anyway, I am trying to choose between The Asylum and T25. The Asylum appeals to me because of the benefits to my running (as touted by the commercials), but T25 appeals to my want for a shorter 2nd workout. Do you have any suggestions?

  • By Rorie Hill 08 Jan 2014

    I have torn my left MCL and sprained my right MCL before. My question is would T25 be a good fit me? I am looking to lose weight and tone up although I despise going to the gym. I just have not found a at home DVD that would be a good fit for me. Yes, I already diet. Just need to lose the last fifty pounds and toning up are killing me….

  • By Dottie Gordon 12 Jan 2014

    I just finished the Alpha session on low impact and did ok but not great
    Should I go to Beta low impact or do alpha again?

  • By Laurie Fenton-Smith 15 Jan 2014

    Does this really work? Ive tried Julian Michaels ripped in 30, Power yoga, squat challenges, sit up challenges- eating 3 times a day, eating 6 times a day. Im gonna be 40 in June, i have back issues, plantar fasciitis in both feet. All the people in the vidoe are in shape and have SHAUN T to help them- we dont, how will I get results that make a difference, how Ill I know Im doing it right? if Im gonna pay the cost of a gym membership for videos whjich are about $205.00 ( gym membership is from 175-350 per month depending on the city and location). I just want some clear answers that this will work after all Ive tried in the last two years.

  • By Laarny Torre 24 Jan 2014

    What if I already have the DVDs, can I still join the challenge? Also, are there any Beachbody coaches here in GTA (Oakville)?

  • By Luis Adolfo Rodríguez Fernández 25 Jan 2014

    Hi! Hey…I'm doing the workout and I don't know if in every friday I have to do the rutines that are specified, or choose one of those…For example, in the second week there is Lower Focus and Ab Intervals respectively. Thanks in advance.

  • By Danielle Patterson 26 Jan 2014

    If you're thinking about getting this workout, have to tell you that it is amazing. I'm seeing results and it is great. Focus T25 has become the best selling exercise dvd on Amazon and here are the reviews from the people who bought it: – This help me with my choice to buy it. You can't go wrong with good honest reviews.

  • By George Jacob 27 Jan 2014

    Hi – I'm interested in T25 but living in Ireland. Can you deliver to here. Also I have a hernia in my groin which is aggravated with squatting and also have dodgy kness and am concerned that there is/may be a lot of pounding excrecises that may aggravate same. I know the modifier can be used but is it as intense/ effective

  • By Miguel Carrasco 29 Jan 2014

    I would actually not recommend T25 in this case. A workout that would be much better is either Slim in 6, or 21 Day Fix.

  • By Miguel Carrasco 29 Jan 2014

    Unfortunately the program is only available in North America. You might be able to find it directly through internationally.

  • By Miguel Carrasco 29 Jan 2014

    Yup we just had a HUGE event out there this past weekend! Just add me on facebook at:

  • By Sharon Swydersky 30 Jan 2014

    Just finished the beta circuit…. have had some change. Going to take some photos post t25 and get my tee shirt. What is the recommended maintenance workouts for t25? hey I must admit I think I did nail it …age 54!

  • By Miguel Carrasco 02 Feb 2014

    You rock Sharon!!! So glad we chatted today!

  • By Miguel Carrasco 02 Feb 2014

    Works really well! add me on facebook and we can chat more and make sure it's right for you:

  • By Miguel Carrasco 02 Feb 2014

    I would personally try and go back to another round of Alpha until you feel like you NAILED IT!

  • By Miguel Carrasco 02 Feb 2014

    I run marathons as well and I would say you may find T25 a little too "easy" for you. I'd actually recommend P90X3 because it will give you a workout that you are missing with your normal marathon training and make your runs faster and body stronger.

  • By Elizabeth Warren 02 Feb 2014

    Thanks. I have P90x and am not a fan of it, too much bulk for a runner. At least it was for me. I just earned my insanity certification. So I am thinking between teaching, and training and doing the workout myself, it will be plenty.

  • By Lisa King Funchess 04 Feb 2014

    I have completed alpha and beta. Now in my final week of gamma with no results. When I say no results I mean weight or inches lost. I can tell that from a cardiovascular standpoint there is great improvement. I don't know where I'm going wrong. I overall diet is good. Got sidetracked over Christmas and new year but kept up with the workouts as planned. Wondering if cleaning up my diet even more and adding

  • By Lisa King Funchess 04 Feb 2014

    Should I add shakeology to see results? As far as I'm concerned, T 25 isn't effective for weight loss. Endurance yes.

  • By LaDana Sarbacher 04 Feb 2014

    I'm interested in knowing if this is something I have to do Monday thru Friday or if I can do it Tues & Thursday – Sunday.

  • By Amber Kiko 14 Feb 2014

    I bought T25 from the website and was really excited at first. I paid in full and knew it fit my budget and schedule. Then tonight I looked on my bank account and found that I have two random $40.00 charges pending to be with drawled tomorrow from beach-body. $80 extra dollar on top of the $150 I already spent…. Not in my budget and not going to be ignored. If you think about ordering T25. Think twice before handing over your banking information.

  • By Jen Nikole Brown 14 Feb 2014

    Same thing happened when i oredered insanity from beach body.

  • By Amber Kiko 15 Feb 2014

    Seriously? What the heckkkk….. What did you end up having to do?

  • By Sue Borowy 17 Feb 2014

    Is it good for a 60 year old man in ok shape?

  • By Tara Croft 20 Feb 2014

    I am not sure which BeachBody work out is right for me. I will choose either Turbo Jam or T-25. I am 37, probably 100lbs overweight so I need something that will work yet not make me collapse from heart failure! The time has come for me to get my life back. I am devoted to sticking with a program. Need help deciding which one!

  • By Miguel Carrasco 22 Feb 2014

    You can do the workouts at any time, 5 days a week. One day is stretching, and the other day is off.

  • By Miguel Carrasco 22 Feb 2014

    Diet is very important. Add me on facebook if you like and we can see how we can help. Would need more details.

  • By Miguel Carrasco 22 Feb 2014

    Shakeology does definitely help especially if you aren't getting the right nutrition in your regular diet.

  • By Miguel Carrasco 22 Feb 2014

    You can do an optional doubles day on Friday's. You can do one workout, or two, it's up to you.

  • By Jez Miguel 24 Feb 2014

    is it okay to do the t25 workout right after running for 30 minutes? :)

  • By Justin Matthews 26 Feb 2014

    How important is the day off and stretching? I want to do cardio these days because I want it to be part of my EVERYDAY routine.

  • By Justin Matthews 26 Feb 2014

    How good do you think you should be at alpha before moving on to beta? Especially curious about total body and abs

  • By Justin Matthews 26 Feb 2014

    First week-I gained 8lbs. Week 2 and 3, I lost 7 of that. I'm in week 4, feeling pretty good but not losing any weight beyond when I started, just inches. Do you think on a 34 yr old male, 6"3 255 that should be the case? Maybe once I hit beta? My diet could still use a little help but I am doing pretty well. My goal is to lose 30 lbs eventually.

  • By Justin Matthews 28 Feb 2014

    Do you have to take a day off or can you do cardio on that day? I really want it to be part of routine EVERY morning.

  • By Justin Matthews 28 Feb 2014

    What if you are not close to mastering abs or total body? Should you try to move on to beta or keep doing alpha?

  • By Justin Matthews 28 Feb 2014

    Im 34 6'3" 255lbs. Im trying to lose 30 lbs however long it takes. I have lost inches but actually gained one lb. I am in week 4 of alpha. My diet is pretty good and definitely an improvement from before I started.

  • By Emilio Giraldo Jaramillo 28 Feb 2014

    I got the program and it has a GAMMA videos that u didnt mention, what about them?

  • By Justin Matthews 01 Mar 2014

    sorry for the duplicates, computer issues!

  • By Esther Denise 06 Mar 2014

    I have a torn MCL (healed), a torn meniscus, and currently have a torn ACL. I was trying to see how much activity I could do without getting ACL surgery. I have been inactive since the injury (9 months) to let my MCl Heal and to strengthen the surrounding muscles. Before the injury, I was a Trail Marathoner, cyclist, and Insanity user. I am really out of shape and knew I could not get through Insanity, so I decided to try T25. My knee is holding up just fine.

  • By Tatiana Sotiry 08 Mar 2014

    i live in lebanon and im rly interested how can i buy?

  • By Lauri Veneman 19 Mar 2014

    I have T 25. I am putting new flooring in my workout room. What type/thickness of mat would you recommend?

  • By Mary Wade 25 Mar 2014

    hey George i live in Ireland, and i got it on, or people are selling them on adverts or done deal. hope this helps;-)

  • By Kerry Schumacher 02 Apr 2014

    I am still breastfeeding and wanted to ask about the impact on cutting calories down to 1600? Should I increase my allowance?

  • By Miguel Carrasco 08 Apr 2014

    I would move ahead keep going, and do another round of T25 if you need.

  • By Miguel Carrasco 08 Apr 2014

    I would take a pause, recovery is very important.

  • By Miguel Carrasco 08 Apr 2014

    You can, but just make sure you don't over train.

  • By Miguel Carrasco 08 Apr 2014

    You bet but just make sure it is cleared as always with a Dr. before doing any big life changes or workout programs such as T25.

  • By Crystal Rodriguez 18 Apr 2014

    Does this workout program work on muffin tops

  • By Get in The Best Shape of Your Life | Software Development in the Real World 26 Apr 2014

    […] are ever released, and some that have just been released from Beachbody. These workouts include: Focus T25, P90X3, Les Mills Combat, and Turbo […]

  • By Miguel Carrasco 27 Apr 2014

    I wouldn't increase it much more, I would say 200 max, but make sure the extra 200 calories are good calories (from the nutrition guide). I would also focus heavily on increasing your hydration levels more than anything.

  • By Get The Body You’ve Been Dreaming Of With Smart Ass Fitness | Smart Ass Fitness Workout Review 23 May 2014

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