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When you think about rock hard abs, the first thing that comes to mind is doing sit-ups. Unfortunately, sit-ups aren’t really going to do that much for you. If you want to get a killer midsection, read on Crunches and Sit-Ups While these are great at isolating your abdominal muscles, they are generally horrible for...
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There are going to be days when you simply don’t feel like exercising. You know, the days where you look outside and can’t imagine going for that run. The days where you see that gym bag at the front door, but the trek to the gym and back seems way too daunting. Especially in the...
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Winnipeg Fit Club
Well now that you know what didn't work, I wanted to share with you how I was able to lose 45 pounds in 3 months. I have boiled it down to three core areas. Cut Out the Bad Foods, Start Exercising At Home Slowly, Eat Healthy Foods. It really is this easy. You don't need a magic...
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I'm from Winnipeg, so when I say “cold”, mean it. In January, it gets to -50 degrees celsius. In the summers, we enjoy 32 degree days. from June to August. Right now, we are hitting the cold time of the year which means, it is time to get ready to run in the cold. I...
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getting started with fitness what didn't work
When the day came to get started, I quickly realized that I was not a professional athlete. I was 215 pounds (220 depending on the time of day), and had a lot to do before I hit the pavement running. My First Attempt at Running My first attempt was simply to start running, and maybe...
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smart fitness journey starts
In April of 2012, while driving home from picking up my four year old son from daycare, my life changed. While driving home, I noticed something odd with my right hand. It seemed to be tingling. By the time I got home, the sensation had moved from my hand, to my entire arm. I figured...
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